Spare The Rod And Spoil The Child Essay

Raising an Obedient Child “Don’t Spare the rod and spoil the child. ” We have all heard that before, as a child I heard it a lot. I was not the most well behaved child, so I got into plenty of trouble. My mom hated my temper tantrums. When I was little, she disciplined me, and now I am a well behaved young adult who knows right from wrong. Discipline is a way of teaching a child how to do what is right while growing up.

There are multiple ways to discipline a child and make him/her behave.

I feel that it is very important to begin to isciplining children when they are young so they know what is expected of them. it gives them a better sense of right and wrong while growing up once a child has reached his/her teenage years it is too late to begin the discipline process. If parents begin early, I believe that the most effective ways of disciplining children are timeout, taking away privileges, talking to the child, and, as a last resort, and spanking.

Putting a child in timeout is effective if the parent is consistent with doing so.

In the article “Should You Give Your Child Timeouts,” Phelan and Lynn state, “when well xecuted, timeout will help teach the rule, and gives kids a break away from the inappropriate behavior and its triggers. ” I have witnessed consistent use of timeout with my nieces. With one, it takes several times for her to fgure out what she is doing wrong and that she is not supposed to continue doing so.

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My other niece learns after the first time out. Consistency is the key to a successful discipline method and discipline is the key to a successful child.

If timeouts do not seem to be beneficial, other methods may be enforced. Privileges for a child are something that he/she earns when he/she behaves. If that is the case, why not take privileges away when the child behaves badly? I feel it teaches the same lesson that timeouts do, but it is a little more intense. As a child, when I got a new toy it was because I was being good and mom was proud, but if I began to act ugly or throw another one of my many tantrums, she would take my toy away. To make this method work my mom did not Just take any toy; she took my favorite toy, which made me behave so I could get it back.

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Once I realized that throwing tantrums made my mom take my favorite toy, I got the concept of good behavior. I admit it is a work in progress because some children do not get it the first time but it does get easier and better. Talking to a child is important as well as discipline. When a child misbehaves, sitting her down and talking to her is also another good method of teaching discipline. It is not like taking privileges or using timeout, but it can definitely work on children. In the article “Talk it Out Works Better than Timeout,”

Mari-Jane Williams explains that “you’re missing an opportunity to sit down and say to your kids, ‘how well did that work for you? ” She also mentions self-assessment and how it is more important to a child’s mental and emotional health. In my opinion, as the aunt of three nephews and four nieces, talking to the misbehaving child can work and be a positive experience for both the parent and the child. It gives the parent a chance to tell the chil d that his actions are unacceptable and that he can no longer continue to behave in that manner.

In my own experience, it is harder to use the alking method with my nephews, but a lot easier with my nieces. I feel it may be harder for a parent to talk to boys because they tend to be more stubborn than girls. Although boys react differently, parents should still talk to them as they talk to girls. Physical punishment, I feel, is Just as effective as any other discipline method. Spanking a child is more of a last resort when he/she is misbehaving. As I stated earlier in the essay, I threw temper tantrums when I did not get what I wanted and my mother took away privileges.

That method was not always effective with me, and I nded up getting multiple spankings. In the article “The Real Spanking Debate” John Hoffman says that mfou could show me an impeccable study that proves beyond a shadow of doubt that a good and proper mild spanking doesn’t harm kids. ” I completely agree with this statement because I experienced plenty of spankings and I am perfectly fine and well behaved with no discipline or anger problems. In conclusion, disciplining your child is very effective but, it depends on how consistent parents are with doing so.

Timeouts, taking away privileges, talking, and pankings are all ways that I feel are effective ways of turning a disobedient child into a well behaved child who follows the rules. All of my experiences with disciplining and being disciplined have been effective, if not with all the methods, at least with one of them. When I become a parent I will use these same methods for my children. Hopefully as a mom I will not go through what my mom went through with me, maybe it will be easier. Work Cited Williams, Mari Jane. “Talk-lt-out Works better than timeout. ” Washington Post 3 Oct. 2013. Opposing viewpoints in context. Web. 13 Nov. 2013

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