Child Trafficking In India Essay

Around the world today, there is a human rights crisis of sexual abuse of millions of women, children, and thousands of men in prostitution and other forms of sexual exploitation. There are regions of the world where prostitution has gone from being almost non-existent to a hundred million dollar moneymaking industry. I am going to talk about prostitution and sex trafficking. I don’t believe you can talk about one without the other. They are linked. Those who favor legalized prostitution have led a 15-year campaign to delink them Sex trafficking is the process that delivers victims into prostitution.

It includes the recruitment, harboring, movement, and methods by which victims are compelled to stay in prostitution, whether by violence, threat, debt, or cultural manipulation. These women may be poor, uneducated, and naive, and therefore easy to control, or they may be educated, middle-class girls who have been sexually abused until their bodily integrity and identities are destroyed and they no longer know how to resist abuse and exploitation.

Child sex abuseThe average age of girls supplied to the brothels in the last two years has decreased from 14 and 16 years to 10 and 14 years Trafficking is another problem which India faces- About 7,000 sex workers cross over from Nepal into India every year. 66% of the girls are from families where the annual income is about Rs. 5000. They may be sold by their parents, deceived with promises of marriage or a lucrative job or kidnapped and sold to brothel owners. Between 40 – 50% are believed to be under 18 years which is the age of consent in India, some are as young as 9 or 10 years old.

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As a solutionFormal education should be made available to those victims who are still within the school going age Awareness generation and legal literacy on economic rights, particularly for women and adolescent girls should be taken up. # Adequate publicity, through print and electronic media including child lines and women help lines about the problem of those who have been forced into prostitution. There should be Rehabilitation and reintegration of rescued victims Our society has not only turned a blind eye to minor girls being enticed into prostitution but also is directly responsible for the continuance in growth of childprostitution.First the demand for virgin prostitutes, and secondly it abets child prostitution by failing to provide adequate facilities for orphan and destitutechildren. Unless the so called respectable sections of the society rise in revolt against sexual exploitation of minors, the future of younger generation looksbleak. We have to take due cognizance of their past and rehabilitate them. The Government should severely punish the people connected with this inhuman practice for the good of the future citizens of our country. The law has many loopholes and inadequacies.It does not punish the client and it does not make any provision for the rehabilitation of women and children who are rescued from brothels The definition of prostitution is vague and tends to punish women and minor girls, who are the victims, rather than those who live off their earnings. Besides, though all offences are cognizable under the Act, they rarely result in convictions. While the minor girls are sometimes rounded up during raids and detained in remand homes Prostitution is widespread in India, although it is currently a contentious issue. 11] In 2007, the Ministry of Women and Child Development reported the presence of over 3 million female sex workers in India, with 35. 47 percent of them entering the trade before the age of 18 years. [12][13] Human Rights Watch puts the figure of sex workers in India at around 20 million, with Mumbai alone being home to 200,000 sex workers, the largest sex industry centre in Asia. [14] The number of prostitutes rose by 50% between 1997 and 2004. [15] solution to the problem of prostitution and sex trafficking: Confronting the demand for prostitution.Instead of only warning women against recruiters, stop the recruiters. Instead of accommodating the demand, stop it. There are four components that make-up the demand: 1) the men who buy commercial sex acts, 2) the exploiters who make up the sex industry, 3) the states that are destination countries, and 4) the culture that tolerates or promotes sexual exploitation. Conclusion I believe that only by going to the root cause of prostitution and trafficking, which are the factors that make up the demand, will we end the sexual exploitation and abuse of women and children through prostitution and trafficking.We need to urge all governments, NGOs, and religious communities to focus on reducing the demand for victims of sex trafficking and prostitution. All the components of the demand need to be penalized – the men who purchase sex acts, the exploiters – the traffickers and pimps who profit from the sale of women and children for sex, the states that fund deceptive messages and act as pimp, and the culture that lies about the nature of prostitution. We could greatly reduce the number of victims, if the demand for them was penalized.If there were no men seeking to buy sex acts, no women and children would be bought and sold. If there were no brothels waiting for victims, no victims would be recruited. If there were no states that profited from the sex trade, there would be no regulations that facilitated the flow of women from poor towns to wealthier sex industry centers. If there were no false messages about prostitution, no women or girls would be deceived into thinking prostitution is a glamorous or legitimate job.

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