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Branding is the process of the creation of the special symbol of a company, product or service which makes it famous and recognizable all over the world. A brand is a complex image of a company, the set of information which characterizes a certain product and makes it famous on the market. Branding is a wise strategy, which attracts clients and makes the product demanded.

Essay Example on Branding Dissertation Proposal

When a company produces a successful product or service, it starts to think about the ways of the improvement of its prestige and quality and advertises it in all possible ways.

The experts who work on branding study the human psychology, personal preferences, the situation of supply and demand on the market, etc in order to create such a brand which would be accepted by the general public and be compatible on the market. A brand is a combination of an image, logo of a company, its acceptance among the consumers, etc.

Very often experts say that a brand is an abstract thing, because if the person sees a brand, she has a certain image in her head and certain emotional attitude towards it.

A brand is more than simple advertising or marketing. It is a complicated and professional creation of an image which touches upon the product, the lifestyle of the customers, fashion, popular culture, spots, etc. For example, one of the most famous brands is the brand of the Coca Cola Company which produces soft drinks, but the company is also associated with sports, mass culture and even a period of the human history.

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Branding is a special category in advertising and marketing which is supposed to improve the company’s and the product’s popularity on the market and increase the customer’s credit towards it. A branding research proposal is a serious attempts of students to complete a good paper which would explain the purpose of the research of the topic on branding, defining its major principles and controversial sides. The student is supposed to prove that branding is worth investigation and the research paper about it will make a considerable contribution into the development of the topic.

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