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About 46 times a day, People search their smartphones. The numbers have only increased since then, and by the end of 2020, more than 70% of the world’s population will have a smartphone. A maximum of 31 percent of the world’s population (2.3 billion people) is linked and using social media sites. This opens up a whole new marketing game to benefit businesses. (Kotler 2016,153-157.) In the last few years, social media activity has grown rapidly. More people join and use their smartphones on social media sites on a daily basis.

Brands are trying to find ways to keep up with on the spot news demand and on-line stores access. Most of the top 100 brands have apps for keeping customers engaged, but also for raising brand awareness in this logos environment.


Consumers become more aware of the goods they use, and they want to trust the companies from which they purchase. Organizations need to build confidence and customer loyalty. The appearance on social media sites and the inclusion of pictures or videos make the company more connected and thus increasing the trust.

Celebrity branding has been around for a long time and it has been used by companies as a way of getting more potential customers interested in their products. Now that people are beginning to be very conscious of what they are buying and who to trust, it becomes increasingly difficult for companies to find new ways of approaching customers. Infused with celebrity branding, social media advertising is commonly used nowadays. Celebrities are used to put the company and its services to greater attention.

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Objectives and Limitations

The goal of this study is to describe the phenomenon of celebrity branding and find out how businesses can benefit from using celebrity branding, what are the drawbacks of using celebrity branding, how celebrity branding can impact brand image and/or customer loyalty, and what challenges celebrity branding presents. I would also like to see stories of working with a celebrity or influencer and writing on what it was like to work with these celebrities. I did not restrict campaigns to one country because there was no point in restricting the study to just companies and campaigns, since globalization is becoming more important in today’s world. Also the USA has some of the most successful promotions and partnerships that affect the world as they are then marketed with Britney Spears, Beyonce and Pink all over the globe. Also, a smaller goal was to look at some of the campaigns from other parts of the world and see why they were working or not working.

Social Media Celebrity Branding

It’s all about your reputation and credibility in today’s market. You want a celebrity that contributes to your reputation and the celebrities choose to promote brands they know to help them maintain their popularity and fashion.

So why do brands require support from celebrities? Once organizations set targets, they need to understand how these goals can be accomplished. One of the best ways to do that could be by contacting a celebrity or power if it is to increase the number of people who see your post and can identify your product. An influencer not only has a broad network, but all of them have their own networks, and so on. It means that if you like your product for the event and talk about it or share it on your social media account, your followers will see it and most definitely be somewhat fascinated by this item, do their own research and probably buy the product or service and tell your friends about it.

Consumers are currently unaware of television posters and commercials by themselves. (2013). (Kissmetrics). People don’t believe a nice face on the roadside; people want to hear truthful product opinions. That’s why the YouTube video is so popular that the YouTube introduces a new product. In the beginning the video is not supported and the product or service is reviewed. However, most reviews are not paid and you are free to say you hate a product. The celebrities in campaigns usually begin to be more and more influential than big celebrities who represent a niche. They are still being used, of course, but businesses need to find a way of targeting interested people more directly. Many conditions could be better than a big star for a snap chatter or a vlogger. For example, local bloggers and Instagram stars are promoting all new items in Dubai.

History of Celebrity Branding

Back in the day, tobacco, beauty, fashion and beverages were used mainly. Celebrity branding has been used in all media, including radio and TV. In the 1980’s retailers started to create their own products for athletes, such as Adidas for Michael Jordan who is still marketed as Nike Air Jordan. In the 1990s celebrities were more interested in what they were endorsing and how they ended up becoming joint owners of a business. (SpotlightCred). Big megastars were gradually turned to influencers in the 2000s.

Influencers are people that are more than a mega-star and not as popular as a megastar. Some businesses believe that both of them work best in a project. Megabar like Justin Timberlake may boost brand awareness and ratings, but it can be more effective to sell your product to more people with a local Instagram celerity that may have a million followers or only half a million followers.

The new form of blog is Vlogging. People record their lives on camera every day and upload them to other people’s platforms, such as YouTube. Bethany Mota, another YouTube star, became well-known with videos of beauty, and was invited to participate with the stars. She was also elected to become one of the most important teenagers of 2014. (Forbes 2015) Social media provides the younger generation with endless opportunities to make a difference in their lives by connecting and sharing.

Celebrity Branding Today

The marketing today means everything that is visible and distinguishes itself from the competition. Over the growing period, social media firms have had the opportunity to find different ways to distinguish themselves from others. It was logos or slogans, now its presence online and hashtags back in the day. People like to talk and love content in this day and age. You want to feel like you’re getting something online from a brand. Even more is spoken now. Instead of waiting for customers to contact them, companies can reach their customers. The aim is to increase the commitment and awareness of the followers. This can be done via social networks. (Christopher 4-5, 100-101). But businesses nowadays are forgotten that it does not matter how many supporters or how many like an image you have, because your company will die if those followers and lovers do not turn into sales. Organizations recruit people to take beautiful pictures and make people digitally check for what future customers say in conversations, to serve these people’s needs better. (Ryan 63-64) Yes, having a strong online presence reminds us of you, but that does not mean that the item you post is automatically bought. Social media is a difficult medium to learn in that context.

Examples of Celebrity Endorsement

Some campaigns to support celebrities go extremely good and the partnerships can continue for years. But they sometimes fail or the agreement on either side is broken. Some examples from all over the world are provided here. Britney Spears and Pepsi were one of the best campaigns in the 21st century. Britney features in several Pepsi ads since 2001. Her association with Pepsi influenced other stars, such as Nicki Minaj, Christina Aguilera and Beyonce, to cooperate also with Pepsi. In major sport competitions such as the World Cup the advertisement with Britney Spears was even included. Sport brands and sportsmen are a tight knit community. (The Richest).

Not surprisingly, Nike and LeBron James have signed a contract to make sure James will always be playing Nike. (Ixea) James even has his own sneaker line produced by Nike mass so that every fan can own. In 2013 David Beckham and H&M had another major successful sports collaboration. Most clothing companies use famous customers who follow sportsmen. David Beckham was the face of the line revealed at the Super Bowl in 2014. (The richest)

Once Adidas signed a contract with Kanye West, he became tall. A pair of shoes could be designed by West. Among the athlete, as well as high-ranking adults and young adults, these schemes were a huge hit as one pair of Adidas Yeezys cost more than $700.

Yeeaz’s first wave came out in 2015. Adidas sneaker’s revenues have been purchased by Adidas from 1 to 30%, and in North America, sales have increased by about 5%. The collaboration does not seem to slow down, but West has suggested he might soon seek a new partner at Vans.

After he’s been accused of rape in 2004, McDonalds, Nutella and Coca-Cola dropped Lakers star Kobe Bryant. The accusations finally fell, but his reputation had already suffered the effects. (Philstar) The celebrities do something bad sometimes, but sponsorships don’t necessarily end.

Tiger Woods was rough and arrested for a DUI this year, suggesting that his problems will not end soon. In a sex scandal he was caught in 2009. The golfer quickly dropped Gatorade and AT&T. But Nike kept sponsoring him and despite the DUI, he is still sponsoring Mr Woods this year.

Effects of Using Celebrity Endorsement

It can be great, neutral or really bad for social media. Everything can actually be between them, too. One reason rose above other reasons to reach new customers when talking of the advantages of using celebrity approvals. As I said before, you will eventually run out of clients who are appealed to your business simply because you are that company and because you are giving people what they like. This means that you must attract new customers, customers that don’t necessarily have an interest in your business immediately. That’s why you have to talk about your company and attract the supporters to a celebrity, brands ambassador or influencer with a large follower base. You continue to grow and gain market shares in this way.

It can be very difficult, though, to find an appropriate partner for this. Everything begins with the company knowing what kind of person they want as its next potential client. After this has been verified, the organization needs to determine how best to meet this potential new client and how to handle it and what could be important to them. What companies have to be careful about is that the brand ambassador can approach his audience very freely. The contents of these collaborations must be authentic and completely free. If the organization has too much regulated or tinted up the message, consumers will know. All must be true and honest.

On the basis of interviews, the importance of marketing in social media and the need to expand and reach new customers will, I believe, only increase. I believe that competition between companies will continue to increase and companies will have to find good partners for collaboration, the content will also remain important and the enterprise will survive the most original and valuable content. Increasingly, material is being transformed to text images. Photos will always be used as the focus of each generation is becoming shorter and more impatient for customers. As the old saying says, a picture tells 1000 words that are still true. It was mentioned in the theory that customers want businesses to be seen. We spend more time studying their products and want to know from where they are made and who makes them.


The aim of the study was to gain a deeper understanding of the start and end of cooperation, and of the advantages and challenges of using celebrity support. The work gave me a better understanding than I could ever have predicted. The examples I was provided and how the interviewees openly discussed cases in which they were or witnessed. For a better result I couldn’t have hoped. Not all internet sources and papers are Google academics, but were compared and the less credible sources are thus filtered out from more reliable sources. The collection of information was some of the challenges faced. For this study, it was incredibly difficult to find the right details as well as those able to be transparent about the entire process of celebrity branding. Another challenge was a very small thesis, if more time had been available to contact more companies, more interviews could have been given. The timing was also difficult. The strengths of this thesis include a large number of sources, including US / Canada literature. Books, magazines, and websites have been used to provide a wide range of more reliable sources. The support provided by parents, friends and teachers also represented a big strength. It gave the necessary motivation when it was lost at times.

More than anything I believe that this thesis has been a trustworthy piece of work and that it has worked to explain celebrity support and other themes.

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