Quiz-Elegy written in a country churchyard

Similar to other elegies in that arises from
The personal experience of the poet

Which is the best paraphrase of the following lines? On some fond breast…
Every dying person needs someone to mourn his or her passing

Poetry in the romantic style reflects a concern for all of the following except

The central idea of Elegy is that
The great and the lowly find equality in death

Toward the of Elegy the poet seems to take most comfort from the thought that
People may remember his habits and virtues

What does the poet mean in the following lines…their lot forbade…
The villagers’ simple lives helped them avoid evil

To whom do the following lines refer? Each in his narrow cell…
Dead members of the community in their graves

Gray compares the dead of the little village to famous leaders and poets in order to emphasize
The importance of every person

The epitaph at the end of Elegy is for
The speaker of the poem

Gray hopes to be remembered as being
Generous and sincere

“The paths of glory lead but to the grave” summarizes the idea that
Death comes even to the wealthy and powerful

In this poem, Gray chiefly laments the deaths of those people
Whose potential abilities were never realized

What time of the day best describes the opening of the poem?

The lines: “Full many a flower is born to blush unseen…” Refer to those people
Whose abilities are not publicly recognized

“Far from the madding crowds ignoble strife…” Whom does THEY refer to?
The people buried in the churchyard

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Quiz-Elegy written in a country churchyard
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