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The following sample essay on “Lifestyle – Puritanism” is about English Protestants who followed Calvinism in England in the 16th and 17th centuries. Their way of life provides for extreme strictness of morals, ascetic restriction of needs, protest against any kind of luxury and convenience, patriarchal attitude to family and marriage issues.

Puritanismfirst originated in the 1560’s when a group of men wanted to purify the church of England of bishops, church courts and other remnants of Catholicism.The basic principles of Puritanism were from those who were Swiss reformers, Huldreich Zwingli and John Calvin.

They removed organs and ornaments from the churches and the substituted ordinary dress for clerical robes.They also discontinued choir singing to simplify church services. People were called Puritans because they found fault with the Decrees of the Convocation.They were also called Protestant Non-Conformists

.A Puritan was an English Protestant who believed that the Reformers of the previous century did not carry their reforms far enough.

The also felt that the church needed to undergo further purification from what the already considered to be unscriptural and corrupt forms of worship that were instituted by the Roman Catholic church.Self-discipline in prayer, study, and worship were deeply stressed on the puritan spiritual life.Samuel Taylor Coleridge once said that, “the Puritans, were the most remarkable body of men which the world has ever produced.” In the late 1620’s, the Puritans started establishing their colony at Massachusetts Bay.

The Boston and Plymouth colonies were distinct political and religious entities.

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Although there were many differences between the two groups, they were friendly with each other. The Puritans wanted to remain as part of the English establishment, and work for biblical reform.As they immigrated to New England, they got their ;Englishness; status.They saw the main reason of their colony as a biblical witness, a ;city on a hill; that would set an example of biblical righteousness in the church for Old England and the rest of the world to see.

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