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An on-site fitness center for Texas Instruments will prove to be advantageous to the company as well as its employees. Studies show that employees who exercise regularly are more productive, efficient, and pleasant to work with. Texas Instruments has the capability to increase employee retention, recruitment, and revenues by investing in a fitness center through Health Fitness Corporation.

Health Fitness Corporation provides on-site fitness centers for numerous prestigious companies such as Best Buy and Federal Express.

The positive relationships and results have more than qualified Health Fitness Corporation to provide Texas Instruments with a unique facility, designed to meet all of their personal needs. Among Health Fitness Corporation’s services are state-of-the-art equipment, the latest healthcare products, a knowledgeable staff, specialty classes, and employee incentive programs. The project will be divided into four phases, each with a certain purpose and timeline to achieve a specific goal.

?Phase I (Research and Development) – This four month phase will involve evaluating the needs and desires of Texas Instruments’ employees.

?Phase II (Bidding and Structural Construction) – This five month phase involves choosing the right contractor and building the facility. ?Phase III (Interior Development) – This two month phase will involve renovating the interior of the facility to meet Texas Instruments’ custom desires. ?Phase IV (Trial Period) – This one month process involves staffing the facility and providing training on the exercise equipment.

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Health Fitness Corporation offers two standard packages. Package A is less expensive to implement, but Package B offers greater revenues.

Fitness Program Proposal

After analyzing Texas Instruments, we believe that Package B will be the most beneficial to the company. Not only will this investment improve the financial status of Texas Instruments, but it will also develop stronger employee relationships. For each dollar Texas Instruments invests in this project, they will realize a greater increase in employee productivity. Many forward-thinking corporations are offering on-site fitness centers to their employees. Texas Instruments must join this trend or their company will be left behind in employee recruitment and retention.

Health Fitness Corporation can help secure Texas Instruments leadership in the technology industry for years to come. Proposal to Open an On-site Fitness Center for Texas Instruments through Health Fitness Corporation Introduction Background Texas Instruments, Incorporated has been a leader in offering the latest and highest quality technologies since 1930. Among the many contributions to the success of Texas Instruments is its involvement in providing the United States with the equipment to remain the most technologically advanced nation.

Success like this is a result of hard work on the part of the management as well as the employees. With the rapid advancement of technology, however, America lost track of a few more important aspects of living such as health. The year 2004 has presented itself with a bang. More and more Americans are coming to the realization that good health is the key to living “the good life”. A great deal of significance is being placed on the health and wellbeing of our country as a whole.

In order to maintain a healthy, hardworking staff, Texas Instruments must ensure that each employee is performing to the best of their ability. Problem Healthy employees have been proven to be more productive and efficient to the company for which they work. With this knowledge, various companies, including Texas Instruments’ competitor, Casio, have built on-site health centers for employees. After doing so, Casio experienced steady growth and increased employee satisfaction. Texas Instruments is missing out on this opportunity for growth and extended employee relationships.

By simply investing in a health center, Texas Instruments will increase recruiting, employee retention, and overall company expansion. Purpose The following proposal will elaborate on the remunerations of opening an on-site health center for the Texas Instruments location in Dallas and on the benefits of doing this project through Health Fitness Corporation. Included is an overview of Texas Instruments’ current status, an explanation of the benefits to both the employees and the corporation of Texas Instruments, and a timeline of how quickly and easily this project may be executed.

There is also a brief description of the success Health Fitness Corporation has delivered to other companies, followed by financial information about the gains Texas Instruments can expect to see upon completion of this project. Why Invest in a Health Center? Benefits to Texas Instruments Company officials are just becoming aware of the benefits exercise has for the company. While having a healthier body may help each individual employee, the benefits to the company are numerous as well. With today’s fast-paced workplace, the demand for sharp employees is greater than ever.

In a study by Purdue University it was shown that people on moderate exercise programs have the ability to solve problems 25% faster with 25% greater accuracy. In the workplace, this translates to large gains in productivity. Exercising also reduces stress. Employees that are under less stress are more likely to have a larger output. Healthier employees are also less likely to need regular visits to their doctor. This means that in the long run company health care costs will be reduced. Benefits to Individual Employees For centuries people have known that exercise leads to a more healthy body.

People that exercise have lower heart rates. Because the heart has been exercised, it is more efficient and can pump more blood resulting in better blood circulation (BUPA). People who exercise have a lesser risk of heart disease because of this. In addition to the heart, all of the body’s other muscles are being used as well. The benefits of working your muscles during exercise include greater flexibility; stronger, more healthy bones; long-term strengthening of immune system; and an overall sense of a greater well being (GSU Health and Fitness). Benefits that Other Companies Have Obtained

As previous mentioned in the introduction, Casio has recently put into service an on-site fitness center for their employees. After doing so, Casio recognized a 5% increase in recruiting and a 10% increase in employee retention. This means that after investing in the health center, 90% of the employees from the previous year chose to renew their contracts and continue to work for Casio. Just one year before the center was built, only 80% of employees renewed their contracts. Figure 1 demonstrates the employee retention advantage Casio gained over Texas Instruments after the opening of the Casio fitness center in 2001.

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