This sample of an academic paper on reveals arguments and important aspects of this topic. Read this essay’s introduction, body paragraphs and the conclusion below. Not only we are Just providing the international services but also we are in a process of the domestic services, such as the in-bound or the emergency doctor, police and fire services. If any one from Bangladesh dials the number 1 1 1, then they can get this service easily with the help of the experts. Introduction To learn how to establish a new business organization where similar type of organization existed in the market of Bangladesh, more specifically we have selected a call center business organization, which is currently having a very smaller segment In this country.

Hopefully call center business will be one of the leading businesses Like BAGMEN within the next five to seven years. The name of our new call center Is G- Communication” (Global Communication) which Is situated in 78/D, peacock square (3rd floor), Mikhail Dacha ‘ 1215.

It Is a partnership business whose license and owned Chalked G Ashram (Chairman), Abdullah AY Manhood (Managing Director), Nails Aster (Marketing Chief), Sultana Aimed (Accounts and Finance Chief), Aquanaut Ferrous (HARM Chief) and Family Amassable (Technical Chief). We support both International and domestic outbound and Inbound services with qualified, well trained and efficient operators and other employees for 24 hours of service. Background of the study

As a part AT research study on establishing AT ten new Dustless organization, we have to make this project on demand and supply of the manpower requirement after two years from now.

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  It’s our pleasure working in a research project on our new call center “G-Communication” (Global Communication) and also thanking our honorable faculty Mrs.. Tasking Ail to assign us on an assignment like these activities through out the semester to prepare the final report. Activities The main reason of making this project paper is to identify the projected manpower requirement after two years form now, and also what is the manpower demand and apply sources. In order to make this project for current semester we had to go through some objectives for establishing the “G-Communication” (Global Communication). The main objectives of this study are as follows: Clearly defining the strategy of out organization. Demand and forecasting method we are using. Potential sources of man power supply.

The ways of balancing the demand and supply of the manpower. The organ gram drawing of the organization. Justification of using the specific kind of demand forecasting methods. These activities obviously helped us to guide and developed what will be the future scenario of human resource planning of the process of running a call center. Methodology In order to know the relative information about the call center business and its forecasting of demand and supply of the required manpower we have visited the “I. O. S” and “Electroplate”. We also visited a very new call center company “Jesses International ” at Mikhail.

Also we have gathered other related information from the classmates, friends and also consulting with some of the existing employees and executives of the call center companies in Bangladesh. As the group members of this research project regarding establishing a new equines organization similarly existing in the market we will need to get involved with some activities in order to prepare the report. We visited the two existing call center and also a very new call center organization to observe their operations and forecasting of human resource. We also consult with some of the existing employees and executives of the call center companies and also for other relative information’s are gathered from our class-metes, friends in order to complete this project.. Ana Totally we nave use tense Important successfully complete this final project.

Limitation International Ana maximum team Otto While doing this research on establishing of the new business organization similar type in the market of Bangladesh we faced some of the limitations such as vast communication problem and also we have to race with the time limit. Also the whole process was all about managing a common time for all group members and co- operation. We have to mention that the time when we went to those call centers we have to manage enough time to go there and also have to get the officials appointments and they were co-operative but they didn’t provide all the data. Strategy of the company In order to run the call center business in Bangladesh market our “G- Communication” (Global Communication) organization follows three strategy for it over all operations which is highly concern with scopes of the organization, resource implication, operational decisions, matching the activities with the environment of the organization and its operations, value and expectation with the long term direction.

Now if we want to elaborately discuss the levels of strategy which are followed in our organization are: Corporate strategy We focus on the over all view and scopes of the organization including the policy ND the also how to implement the operations through effective decision making. Running the organization in a structural way and the goal setting in order to achieve it and also in financial term which induces the budget and other wages and compensations of the organization. Also help to make decision on how the resources are allocated to different operation which incorporated with the proper HER, the set up of the office, position of the operators PC, POI, also other equipment and accessories for office administration.

Competitive or business strategy This strategy of the company are followed or adopted in order to strengthen the session of the origination so hold a solid grip in the market. 6-communication ” (Global communication) competes In ten market tongue international corporate customer care and also domestic emergency customer care such as doctor, police and fire service by Just dialing 1 11 and asks for emergency services. How the products and services should be developed and offered to which market in depend on the deal with the buyer company (international or domestic) to run it through the outbound and inbound process.

To what extend it meets the customer needs id depending on developing more customer and buyer relation satisfaction through efficient HER. We also have to focus that dose it achieving the activities of the organization which is for a long-teem with profitability, market growth and efficiency. Comparing that is our business going well in terms of the deal made with the buyer company. Operational Strategy In this level the strategies are adopted for the success at the functional or the operation level of the organizations day to day activities in order to achieve both corporate level and competitive strategies of the company.

Demand forecasting method To estimate the forecast of manpower requirement for our call center is projected through the work load analysis. It helps us to analysis the present and future workload which depends on the possibility of quantifying the work contain in every area of an organizational activities. The work load analysis is done through four steps which are: o Classification of work. O Forecasting the number of Job. O Converting the projected Job in man-hours. O Converting the man-hours into man power requirement. Now let’s see how the “G-Communication” (Global Communication) organization has plopped their process of work lead analysis.

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