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Private Peaceful is about a soldier called Thomas, or Tommo, Peaceful, who is looking back on his life from the trenches of the First World War. Tommo is always having nightmares how his dad got crushed by a tree. His first actual memory is his first day at school.

His brother, Charlie, piggybacks him there. Tommo’s shoelaces are untied and he can’t tie them. A girl called Molly ties his shoelaces Tommo immediately falls in love. Mrs. Peaceful takes up a job caring for the colonel’s wife. So Grandma Wolf comes to stay. She spends most of the time bullying big Joe for not being normal.

The Colonel’s wife dies, so mother comes home and Grandma Wolf leaves. Tommo feels betrayed when he finds out that Charlie has still been seeing Molly and she is pregnant with his child, resulting her being thrown out her house.

The two boys then have to leave to join the army, or the Colonel threatens to throw them out. Charlie protects Tommo once again, as he had in school but this time in the face of greater danger. The book covers Tommo’s life time but it counts down Charlie’s last 24 hours until he is killed. What happened was ordinary to poor people in world war one, but is unusual to people nowadays.

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Who Are The Characters In Private Peaceful

The opening of the story took some time to get into and was quite dull as we found out how Tommo’s father died. At the start of each chapter there is a time that was counting down until Charlie was shot. After the time there is a paragraph or so, of what is happening in the present. There is a feather separating the present and the story Tommo is telling. Characters The main characters were Thomas Peaceful, Charlie Peaceful, Big Joe Peaceful, Mrs. Peaceful and Molly. Big Joe is mentally handicapped for life, he is friendly, never aggressive, sings a lot, and loves animals. Mrs. Peaceful is hard working and is a good mother.

Charlie is always looking out for Tommo and defending him. Tommo looks up to his elder brother Charlie, and worries when there is no need. Molly is very sympathetic to everyone. Charlie and Tommo both like Molly. Tommo becomes the only one still at school when Charlie and Molly leave and start working for the Colonel. Tommo feels left out. It becomes obvious that Charlie is seeing Molly more, and her parents, who are strict Christians, ban her from seeing him. Tommo becomes their go-between, delivering letters between them, but feels betrayed when he finds out that Charlie has still been seeing Molly secretly and is pregnant with his child.

Molly’s parents through her out when they heard the news. All of theses characters personalities did not changed they just matured. Comments on style The story was written in the first person, this is important as Tommo himself was relaying the whole story of his life. So it is like a diary. The setting was described in detail, which helped you visualize the story well. Feelings and attitudes were also described in great depth. The book is totally based on the deep feelings of the two main characters, Tommo and Charlie. You really think that it is a true story, as it is described so well and believable.

It was a good story, that really made you think about the First World War and the horrific way the soldiers in the front line were just treated as cannon fodder. How unfair the treatment of men who were really suffering from shell shock. They were shot by their own men for desertion or cowardice or just for sleeping at their posts. I didn’t have a favorite moment in the story as it was very sad and quite disturbing. Once I realized what the time meant at the beginning of each chapter, how it was counting down to the end of his life, it was really sad.

I was hoping that it would have a happy outcome for Tommo, but as in real life it was brutal and cruel. I don’t think that any moments or characters could have been improved. It was superbly written in great detail and with much emotion, passion and love. General I think the writer probably had a relative that had been in the First World War and wanted to tell the story of what typically happened to all those poor young men early in the twentieth century. By writing this book aimed at young people, who would not know what went on in the war, it gives them an understanding of what really happened.

While I was reading the book, I felt sorry for the characters, only it didn’t feel like a fiction book but a diary of true events. After reading the book I felt very upset and deeply moved. I kept thinking about what a terrible time it must have been. Also how things have changed now, what went on then would never happen now. I have learned a great deal about the First World War, and how terrible life was in the trenches and how cruel wars are. The solders must have been so brave and frightened. Also how upsetting it must have been for all the loved ones left behind waiting for news, hoping that the young men would return home ok.

I have never read a book quite like this before, I think this book upset me the most and made me really think. It affected me like this because it is all based on true events that really happened, which makes it quite disturbing. It had an interesting Afterword chapter at the back from the author, which tells the reason for writing the book and why he had to write it and where he gets his information and passion from. Also the Historical notes were really interesting to read as they were full of true facts and figures.

I would recommend this book as it is very informative, but make sure you read a happy upbeat book afterwards to cheer yourself up! I have already read over half a dozen other books by this author, he had written another about a horse in the First World War, called War Horse which I couldn’t complete as I was too upset by it. Otherwise I thoroughly enjoy books by Michael Morpurgo. Show preview only The above preview is unformatted text This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Miscellaneous section.

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