"Private Peaceful" by Michael Morpurgo

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Whenever there Is a robber where someone was discriminating or being unfair towards her children, she does everything to stop this situation. Even though it might lead to a big problem. When she has to go work at the colonel’s house to work as a servant, she calls Grand Ma wolf to look after the children. However when she realizes that Grandma wolf was being mean and was being unfair, she kicks the woman out of her house. “There were wonderful blazing arguments between her and Grandma Wolf, mostly about how grandma wolf treated Big Joe.

Mother Said that now she was home, she wouldn’t stand for it any more. We listened to every word, and loved every moment of It” (peg. 39-40) She Is a very fair and protective and loving mother of these three boys. Therefore, the protagonist loved his mother because he knew that no one can be mean or unfair to him for any reason.

As the events happen, the two brothers get caught while hunting for food for the family who were starving in the Colonel’s land and they get punished to clean up the farming place. Their mother volunteers to help them with their cleaning. Its all right big Joe.

I will go up there with them tomorrow cleaning the kennels I don’t mind – you deserved that. But it stops there. I would not let that man lay finger on you, not one finger, no matter what. ” (peg. 50) As she says this the power of love is felt here.

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The mother needs to protect her children and she Is not Just sending them to be dangerous under the Colonel’s hands. Finally he part where we see the bravery of this woman is when the two boys steal the dog from Colonel who was going to kill it. So the Colonel bolts in to the house and demands for the dog that was useless to him, Just to get something out of this.

THe mother of this family tries convincing says that If the dog was useless to him, there Is o point for him to get him back. But he keeps insisting that he needs this dog. “Mother asked Big Joe to fetch the money mug from the mantelpiece . ‘Here, Colonel. Six pence. I’m buying the dog off you for six pens, not a bad price for a useless dog. So now It’s not stolen, Is It? ” (peg. 63) This woman without her husband who had died, loves and keeps her family alive with her bravery and love towards her child. I en protagonist also gets love Trot Nils Trotters. HIS two loving Trotters always help and share things.

Always. They help each other out and respect each other. When the protagonist gets bullied by another student on his first day on school. His brother who loves him regarding the consequences, fights the bully. “l find myself suddenly sitting on the ground, whipping my bleeding nose and looking at the blood on the back of my hand. Then he puts the boot in, hard…. When he finally stops, I wonder why. I look up to see Charlie grabbing him to the ground. They’re rolling over and over, punching each other and swearing… Mr.. Musings comes running out of the school, like a roaring bull.

He pulls them apart, takes them by collar and drags hem off inside the school” (peg. 23?24) This brother is brave and courage. He Jumps in to a fight Just to save his brother. People would try to avoid these situations and be bystanders, but no, he was different. Also the brother who has mental illness has a kind heart and wants to share everything with people and cries for people. “l ran over to him. He was breathless, bright red eyed with excitement. He had something to show me. He opened his hands Just enough for me to see. There was a glowworm curled up inside. “(peg. 2)

The main character is blessed with the kind hearted rooters. He also is a nice guy. When ever someone says things about his brother being a loony, he would stand up for his brother. That is how he gets involved in the fight with the bully. The bully teases the main character how stupid and dumb Big Joe, the big brother is. He didn’t accept this, and fought for his big loving brother. Molly a girl character in this book is the most kind hearted girl. She cried for the poor dead animals. However when ever people are being critical about person’s appearance or their way of doing things, she can’t stand it.

When grand ma wool kills al the animals Big Joe collected, She cries for the dead animal. “Molly screamed at her that she was a cruel, cruel woman and that she’d go to hell when she was dead, and ran off home in tears. ” (peg. 38). The readers also see her kind heart and longing for her love when she secretly meets the main character down by her cottage where she was forbidden to meet any of the protagonist’s family. She gets letter from her lover Charlie the protagonist’s brother and asks the protagonist to Just say yes. “l love you, Tommy. I love you both. And Big Joe, and Bertha. ” She kissed me quickly and was” ‘So my father won’t let me see Charlie again any more. He won’t let me ass any of you,’ Molly told me, brushing away her tears. ‘I’m miserable without you Tommy. I hate it up at the big house without Charlie, and I hate it at home too. Father’s strap me if I see Charlie again. And he said he’ll shoot Charlie if he comes near me! ” (peg. 67)

Love is a powerful love that flips up everything. Love has power to change people’s minds, and change how people react to certain things. Through out this book, it shows the beautiful family love, and romantic love in a such graceful manner.

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"Private Peaceful" by Michael Morpurgo
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