Liliana Lungina’s Life Story

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Essay on “Podstrochnik: Life Liliana Lungin told her in the film Oleg Dorman”

Book literally swallowed for two nights. And not because it really aspires to it. By the end of reading even stretched, but still swallowed. Why? I’ll explain now. This book – not a book in the full sense of the word, is a record of oral story-known translator of “The Kid and Carlson”, “Pippi Longstocking”, Andersen’s fairy tales and Hoffmann Liliana Lungin about his life (on the channel “Russia” was a cycle of these that’s conversations, recorded Oleg Dorman).

It’s almost a transcript of her story that affects the whole story. There’s no literary poses no clearly defined, well thought-out moral postulates.

They are, but they are produced naturally in the course of the conversation, and the reader gets the impression that it comes to these truths myself. In general, from the first pages immersed in such a pleasant atmosphere, which personally I somehow reminded evening gatherings anywhere on the veranda in the summer (or by the fireplace in the winter) with a cozy (loved) a good mug of tea in his hand.

It seems to me that way, slowly, trying to remember the details, turning them you can listen to pleasant elderly man to you, who has lived a long and complex life, endured so much in it, suffered so much, that is now able to talk about it with a wise mind. And you (no matter how much you did not s) will sit and listen with an open mouth.

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Personally, I understand after this book, why translations of children’s books, made her such a great success!

The life story of Liliana Lungin is really amazing. And the circle of events that involve character due to historical circumstances, and the way of personality that surround it.

It is shocking by the fact that the story in the story (and there are 67) a red thread It extends the idea is very simple, all we have often said, if you believe, to hope, many troubles will turn into “an incredible, wonderful happiness and wealth.” L.Lungina really this simple truth is illustrated by numerous examples from his life. With only one caveat: if you yourself in all conditions, even at the cost of his life, you will remain a human being, you will have a conscience, and fight your fear. And thou shalt be honest with people and himself.

Before our eyes held a terrible epoch of repression, war, anti-cosmopolitanism (and she and her husband were the Jews), and the thaw that followed it (and it is also, as it turns out, was not sugar-life). But she seemed smoothed, softened person narrator. And you know that’s what it says – it’s scary, and God forbid we ever survive at least a part of this. But at the same time and you know that from this nightmare of life can come out very clean and honest man. It is always important and the angle of view on the event!

At the beginning of the story L.Lungina wanted to formulate the “Messager”, his message to listeners. It seemed to me that she, her clear life guidelines – is the “Messager” readers. That’s such a good tale!

PS I have been very similar to L.Lunginu teacher of literature of the 19th century in the institute (many years ago she died), that very effect on me in terms of the formation of my personality, I when I read constantly remembered it, it gives the book a special charm

PS The only thing that caused me some uncomfortable feeling while reading -. it is a notorious Jewish question. Too exaggerated it lately. Or I keep throwing it back to where it discussed in detail. I am not an anti-Semite, not nationalist, I am in general in regard to the question of nationality try (do not even try, and there is naturally to me) to be tolerant, but when so directly correlate Jews and Russian … And, an angle of view is stated from the outset Liliana Lungin, and in the preface to Leonid Parfenov little phrase about the “old Jewish teachings.” I already thought it was unpleasant. And then, in the process of reading, I constantly caught myself thinking that I think about it. In short, I did not like. No matter who we face, if he is a decent man.

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