Odysseus Loyalty To Penelope

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I believe that Telemachus and Penelope were the true heroes of the odyssey. I think Penelope and Telemachus were honest and Odysseus was not because he slept with a lot of women such as Circe and calypso. I believe Penelope was loyal, even though there were suitors that were trying to convince her to marry them. On the other side, Telemachus had hope that his father would return. All of these qualities are hero like. Penelope was the hero of the odyssey because she was true to her husband in spite of compelling reasons to give him up.

She managed to raise her son by herself.

She was loyal and devoted to her husband because the suitors tried offer her many things such as ship full of gold, ships and food her but she refused the offer. She is a good house wife because she can weave. She is believed to be one of the most beautiful women ever. Not only Penelope is beautiful and talented, she is also clever, although usually it’s Odysseus who is said to be clever or cunning.

But when she’s backed into a corner and forced to choose a suitor, Penelope agrees she’ll wed one of them, but first must weave this special cloth.

Telemachus Penelope

Then, as the suitors get drunk each day, she weaves in full view. But at night, while they’re all sleeping it off, she stays up late; ripping out everything she wove during the daylight hours. So she makes very little progress on this weaving! And they’re too dull to notice.

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I think Telemachus has remained hopeful because he think that he’s is still alive. One key trait that Telemachus shows is hope towards his father’s life, and his mother’s love for his father. “No, please, I need the boat, my father is still alive, I know it, and he really is. (Book XVIII, 212) This just shows his hope towards his father, and how he tried to persuade his fellow Ithacans to give him a boat to go out and search for his father. Another skill that Telemachus has, is courage, which he shows specifically when he tries to defend his father. The extraordinarily interesting fact about his courage is that he is a smaller man, so despite the fact that he cannot defend himself from the suitors, he still manages to stand up for him and his father.

Telemachus is much matured; however he is a normal teenager like us. I admire Telemachus for this, and I just hope that I can have that kind of hope throughout my life, as he did throughout his. I like Penelope because the She managed to trick the suitors and I like her because she is loyal person. I believe Penelope’s greatest strength was loyalty. I think Telemachus’s was courageous and brave. This assignment can clear out the doubts about who are the true heroes of odyssey.

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Odysseus Loyalty To Penelope
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