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The Alchemist Reflection Paper

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Paper type: Reflection , Subject: Book Summary

All of us. no affair what our station in life. have dreams. These dreams may be vivacious and alive. throbing in our full being ; or they may be dead. possibly worn down by the weight of the old ages and the personal businesss of day-to-day life. For the people who nourish great. expansive dreams in their bosom. each twenty-four hours is full of significance and way. But for those who have let their dreams fade. life. no affair how enjoyable it may be. is empty of existent fulfilment. Merely those who chase their dreams. no affair what the trouble. will be able do something of themselves. populating a life of their ain pick.

The Alchemist Sample

In Paulo Coelho’s The Alchemist. we have the narrative of Santiago. a immature shepherd who dreams of inhumed hoarded wealth in the Pyramids of Egypt. He chases his dream. go forthing behind all that he knew. He encounters trouble after trouble. and more than one time comes face to face with his at hand decease. Indeed. until the really terminal of the novel. it seems as if Santiago will die in a distant land without holding reached his end. And yet. through fortunes that he could non hold foreseen. he finally obtains his hoarded wealth – both in gold and wisdom.

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The Religious Journey Called Life There are many analogues between Santiago’s experiences in the book and the religious journey that we all must take up. His journey. set off by a perennial dream. speaks to us of the ends and aims that we hold beloved to our Black Marias. And. like him. we may disregard the relentless voice of our inner ego in order to prosecute short-sighted aims. being cognizant of our possibilities but afraid of go forthing a familiar universe behind. We all have a intent in life that no 1 else can carry through but us.

We are put on Earth to transport out peculiar mission. a undertaking that we are well-suited to. in malice of our limited self-concept and our current fortunes. And. oftentimes. the most of import thing we can make is to merely acquire started. Christians have no trouble believing in a intent set by God. and yet excessively many people shrink from what seems to be the Herculean attempts that will be required of them to see it through. When they do this. they show how small religion they have in the wisdom and grace of God.

After all. would an omniscient. almighty being set a undertaking for a adult male that he can non bear? In all actuality. it is adult male who doubts his capacity. seeking to do his life more manageable by circumscribing it. instead than doing it the keen and meaningful escapade that it was meant to be. Like Santiago. we all have to be able to give up our daily personal businesss in order to prosecute a higher end. In and by itself. the modus operandi of day-to-day life is non really meaningful. particularly if we are cognizant that there is something greater that must be accomplished.

The first clip that we step out to make something about our ends. we will be hit by the fright of uncertainness. which will be aided in big portion by the sentiments of people around us. If. for case. you feel called to go the universe for a few old ages. you will be hit by countless concerns. Where will the money come from? Will I have a occupation when I get back? What will people believe of me? These concerns. comparatively fiddling when lay eyes oning a one’s intent in life. look much more of import to us than they should. in portion because there will ever be people around to convert us that what we propose to make is impractical – even crazy.

Even Jesus’ injunction to “take no idea for the morrow. ” though well-known by all who profess the Christian religion. has frequently easy been swept aside by more matter-of-fact considerations. The Alchemist: A Christian Book? Christian similarities notwithstanding. those who wish to see The Alchemist as a strictly Christian book are bound to be disappointed. Indeed. the book makes every bit much out of Islamic rules as it does Christian 1s. Besides. the really title itself is implicative of the supernatural. for established Christianity has historically viewed alchemy as little more than the work of the Devil himself.

Puting these narrow considerations aside. nevertheless. anyone should be able to see that the true value of The Alchemist lies in the catholicity of its message. All faith. in it purest signifier. purposes to exceed day-to-day life and come into Communion with the Godhead world. In the terminal. connexion with the Godhead can non be distilled into adept systems of moral behaviour. or in the pattern of rites. One must larn to listen within. to acquire in touch with the Godhead flicker that resides in each individual. Merely by prevailing in this quest – this journey – can we derive the interior strength required to happen our ain single “treasure. ”

The Alchemist Reflection

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