The Book The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

In The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho, the author uses magical realism to show that you can ask for help from what’s around you by just believing in yourself and god’s inside you, it’ll be possible in the book “Alchemist”, Santiago is captured by the tribes on the opposite side of where he had traveled from. The alchemists said to the Chief of the tribe that he was just a traveler and Santiago was an alchemist who can transform himself into the wind and destroy the tribes‘ tents.

So since the chief didn‘t believe what the alchemist said, so the chief decided to give Santiago a chance to prove that Santiago can transform into the wind. Magical realism is when something is magical but not real and people sees it as real.

In the book, “The Alchemist” the narrator says,“The wind was a proud being, and it was becoming irritated with what the boy was saying. It commenced blowing harder raising the desert sand.

” This quote means that the wind was annoyed and could not react to his words, so the wind just kept on blowing him. Magical realism is shown in the quote by the wind talking to Santiago and also it had feelings. Everything has feelings not only the wind but the sun, desert too, The wind is learning from Santiago about love but he doesn’t understand what love is. Also, it’s magical realism because in the real world, wind cannot talk to humans nor does it have feelings.

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Also as shown in the book, the sun, wind, and the desert helps the boy to transform himself into the wind which is impossible because he believes in the soul of the world and also he believes that he’s a god of his own.

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