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Thefirst set of sculptures that catches ones attention, Las Mesas Bench, a sculpture by Jesus Bautista Morales, portrays two ladies sitting on a bench talking while a man is sitting on another bench listening to them.His style and use of polished granite with rough edges seems to create a surprising and whimsical mood in this otherwise ordinary setting. Raice Warriors, by Elizabeth Frink, shows four naked men boldly walking together with a great deal of strength and power.The use of bronze in her sculpture shows the strength and power of these four men.

These sculptures are overwhelming in size and the artists’ use of materials help to give meaning to the pieces of art.

Many of the artists used influences from early art periods yet provide a contemporary look to their pieces.William Zorach’s The Future Generation is influenced by Egyptian and Greek art.He portrays a family that includes a mother holding her infant son that captures the bond of love between a mother and child as well as pride and protection.

Venus Victorious, by Pierre Auguste Renoir, was influenced by French Impressionism.However, he received help by a young artist that helped him to fully develop his women outside of French Impressionism.The Goddess holding an apple in his sculpture is full-figured and voluptuous.These sculptures definitely portray vivid images with a contemporary look.

The sculpture that caught my attention the most was Monkeys by Rona Pondick.In the sculpture, Pondick uses body parts of humans and monkeys together to create her work.

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Interestingly, the artist used images of her own body parts, specifically her face and her arms, and she placed them on the bodies of the monkeys. Her artwork shows the cultural fears about genetic manipulation and experimental mutation.In a society where we fear any type of genetic experimentation, Pondick brings this possibility into her sculptures that can be disturbing.

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Eye Catching Sculpture Set
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