The Eye Of The Needle Summary

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The Eye of the Needle by Ken Follett, is the fictional embodiment of spy culture and the emotional state of the WWII generation. There are many facets of the war although some are fictional. There are many factual details of the war also included. The novel was very impacting. It served to shine a light on the genuine nature of the war and how fragile the balance of power was at the time.

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The story of The Needle or Mr.

Henry Faber starts out with Faber cycling through the war-torn British capital of London. He is on his way to his rented room in the city. In another part of Great Britain, there is a freshly married couple Lucy and David Rose just starting out their lives. David was training to be a fighter pilot but right after the marriage, he had a mishap and lost both of his legs. After the setback, he and his pregnant wife moved to an island called storm island off the coast of Britain.

In another part of Great Britain Frederick Bloggs a policeman and Percival Godliman a history professor was being recruited by MI5 to catch German spies. All of these characters would subsequently be attracted to each other. Later that day after the attractive Mr. Faber had made it to his room. His lustful my lady decided that she would try to get with him. She put on a new nightgown and went up to his room with the key.

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She tried to think of a reasonable excuse for going up to his room but she decided she didn’t need one. Faber was sitting at his desk transmitting his spy information to the Germans who call him Die Nadel when he heard his landlady at his door. He had no time to put away his radio transmitter. When she opened the door she ran into his arms. He then kissed her and plunged his stabbing weapon of choice the stiletto into her back trying to hit her heart but he missed. He did eventually kill her but it was messy. He then staged the crime scene, changed identities and left. Later on, Frederick Bloggs and Percival Goodman were able to li…

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The Eye Of The Needle Summary
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