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BBQfun will be the taking outdoor-lifestyle retail merchant. catering to the turning demand for supplying new and renovated homes in the greater Brisbane country. The mixture offer of BBQs. out-of-door furniture and BBQ accoutrements will place BBQfun as best inclass for outdoor-lifestyle retailing. BBQfun will reinvent the manner people shop for outdoor-lifestyle merchandises. BBQfun will construct its repute on offering the fullest mixture of merchandises possible in our chosen Fieldss. integrating both local and imported goods with merchandises sold on easy to pull off long-run payment programs.

Our after gross revenues service and 3 twelvemonth warrants will happen grip with a market dominated by low-quality. Situation Analysis BBQfun is close to come ining its 5th twelvemonth of operation.

Te initial rollout of shops has been good received. and selling is now critical to its continued success and future profitableness. The shop offers wide-ranging outdoor-lifestyle points on easy to pull off payment footings and supplies a three twelvemonth warrant on every point sold.

The basic market demand is for quality. stylish and alone outdoor-lifestyle points that caters to the house-proud demands of our market. Market Summary BBQfun possess good information about the market and knows a great trade about the common properties of our most prized and loyal clients. BBQfun will leverage this information to better understand who is served. their specific demands. and how BBQfun can break communicate with them.

Market Demographics

Accessibility. The frequenter can derive easy entree to the shop with minimum delay.

Customer service. The frequenter will be impressed with the after gross revenues service and Guarantees.

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Competitive pricing. All products/services will be competitively priced comparative to comparable high-end outdoor-lifestyle lines. Above all. BBQfun believes that easy to entree shops with extended picks in our chosen Fieldss. that are sold on an easy to pull off payment program with a three twelvemonth warrant are the keys to our customer’s demands and wants.

Market Tendencies

The market tendency for outdoor-lifestyle shops is headed toward a more sophisticated and informed client. The outdoor-lifestyles frequenter today relative to yesterday is more sophisticated in a figure of different ways.

Item quality. The penchant for high-quality points is increasing as clients are larning to appreciate the qualitative differences.

Unique. Our frequenters appreciate the chance to include outdoor-lifestyles in their place that stand out from the mass produced and sold low quality points.

Selection. Peoples are demanding a larger choice of picks. they are no longer accepting a limited offer in outdoor-lifestyles. The ground for this tendency is that within the last twosome of old ages at that place has been an detonation of media in the signifier of Television shows and magazines that have promoted alien and different outdoor-lifestyles.

Our frequenters no longer necessitate to accept a limited figure of options. With more picks. frequenters have become more sophisticated. This tendency is intuitive as you can detect a more sophisticated frequenter in larger metropolis markets such as Sydney or Melbourne where there has been more picks available. BBQfun strongly believes that clients are more interested in scope of merchandises. after gross revenues service and easy to pull off payments than any other issues. These are the grounds that they will shop with us and go loyal frequenters. Technological developments with the broadband rollout across greater Brisbane and Australia is opening up important chances for cyberspace shopping and for supplying information for our clients about our merchandise scope.

Market Growth

In 2008. the National outdoor-lifestyle market reached $ 300 million dollars. Outdoor lifestyle gross revenues are estimated to turn by at least 6 % for the following few old ages. This growing can be attributed to several different factors. The greater disposable household income from the two income households. the greater handiness of low-cost and interesting quality imports with the high value of the Australian dollar and the selling by popular Television shows like ‘Homes Beautiful’ and ‘Better Outdoor-lifestyles’ .


Based on economic prognosiss. BBQfun assumes that involvement rates are remaining steady and so will hold no affect on disposable income. The same premise is made about employment degrees. where BBQfun assumes that unemployment degrees remain the same at 4. 7 % .


From research carried out. BBQfun identified that the Government focal point and accent in future legislative way will be about ‘growing the economy’ and ‘population base which BBQfun sees as a positive for their concern theoretical account. There is besides a strong push for environmentally sound concern patterns in the legislative model. BBQfun. as concern runing in Australia. will stay by the jurisprudence in all its traffics and comply with all statute law that impacts on its concern activities.

SWOT Analysis

The undermentioned SWOT analysis captures the cardinal strengths and failings within the company. and describes the chances and menaces confronting BBQfun.


  • Excellent staff who are extremely skilled and knowing about outdoor-lifestyles.
  • Great retail infinite that is bright. functional and efficient for a commercial urban territory.
  • High client trueness among repetition clients.
  • Assortment offerings that exceed rivals offerings in quality. scope and handiness.


  • A limited selling budget to develop trade name consciousness due to the deficiency of critical mass and shop screen.
  • The battle to continually fund the turning long term refund programs taken out by our clients.


  • A turning market in a high growing country with a important per centum of the mark market still non cognizant of BBQfun’s offer.
  • Increasing gross revenues chances outside of our mark country – greater Brisbane.


  • Competition from local mugwumps that can cut down monetary values as proprietor operators lower than our staff tally shops.
  • Competition from National ironss traveling into the Brisbane market.
  • A slack in the economic system cut downing customer’s disposable income spent on outdoor-lifestyles.


National Competition

  • The Yard: has a limited choice but important deepness. All Australian made. No important selling or publicity. The monetary value point is high. but the quality of merchandises are rather good. Not in Brisbane. Largely in Sydney and Melbourne.
  • BBQ’s R us: Broad scope of outdoor-lifestyle merchandises including bangles and trappingss. Tonss of inexpensive imports. Concentrating on established markets. Strong in the replacings section. Not in Brisbane. Largely in Melbourne and Adelaide.
  • Outdoorz: Large operations of merely a few shops per metropolis. Mass markets out-of-door life styles at good value monetary values. No imported goods. Extensive advertisement. Low to medium quality. Not in Brisbane. Strong in the replacing section instead than new and refurbished homes. Strong in other capital metropoliss.

Local Competition

All mugwumps. These shops are owned by single proprietor operators. Ranges vary harmonizing to proprietor penchants. Very small imports. Largely retailing Australian manufactured goods. Jointly their mean item sale monetary value is $ 250. hold a market portion of 48 % . and are turning at approximately 8 % per twelvemonth. BBQfun do non see the rivals altering their selling scheme or merchandise offer in the foreseeable hereafter.

Growth and Share Analysis

New homes – growing in possible clients 10 % . Estimated Brisbane client Numberss in 2010 is 95. 000. Renovations – growing in possible clients 7 % . Estimated Brisbane client Numberss in 2010 is 35. 000. Replacement – growing in possible clients 5 % . Estimated Brisbane client Numberss in 2010 is 120. 000.

Service Offer

BBQfun has created a outdoor-lifestyles scope of retail merchandises that are differentiated and superior to rivals. Customers can see the quality of the merchandise as it is displayed in the shops. The following are features of the merchandise:

  • BBQfun’s recognition offer is backed by a top grade bank.
  • Imported merchandises make up 33 % of the mixture.
  • The 3 twelvemonth warrant is alone in the market topographic point.
  • Broadest possible scope in chosen Fieldss.

BBQfun’s prides itself on supplying service that is on par if non better than any of the local independent shops and far in surplus of the national ironss. BBQfun will guarantee that all facets that are involved in the bringing of satisfaction to the client will work utilizing an incorporate attack. At a Glance–The Prototype BBQfun Shop:

  • Location: a commercial. suburban vicinity. or urban retail territory.
  • Design: bright and functional.
  • Size: 1. 000 to 1. 500 M2.
  • Employees: 15 to 20 full clip plus casuals
  • Types of minutess: 60 % hard currency. 40 % on long term refund program.

Keies to Success

BBQfun’s site choice standards are critical to success. Scott Bremmer. former spouse of an international concatenation. helped us place the undermentioned site choice standards:

  • New brooding populations.
  • Shopping patterns necessitating easy entree.
  • Customer auto parking counts.

Critical Issues

BBQfun is still in the bad phase as a possible franchise construct or joint venture. Its critical issues are:

  • Committed to gross revenues growing which allows for greater options in import mixtures and in decreased monetary value with volume bargains. This will advance our singularity and contribute to improved net income borders.
  • Continue to finance the easy manage long term refund program for clients.
  • Locate in easy entree sites near to the turning markets in new home development. Marketing Strategy BBQfun’s advertisement budget is set at $ 250. 000 for the twelvemonth.

The advertisement plan will aim local letter-box beads. wireless and magazines. BBQfun’s will make direct mail and local advertisement. with voucher inserts in the BrisNews magazine probably to be the most successful of the runs. BBQfun will seek to acquire articles about BBQfun into the BrisNews magazine. Previous characteristics in the BrisNews magazine has seen a dramatic addition of gross revenues instantly after the article was published.


BBQfun’s mission is to supply clients with the most extended mixture of quality outdoor-lifestyle merchandises available in the market. Our after gross revenues service is 2nd to none supported by our easy to pull off long term refund programs which make unique. imported and high quality outdoor-lifestyle low-cost to all. BBQfun exist to pull and keep outdoor-lifestyle clients wishing to buy merchandises that give our clients pride in their places. Our services will transcend the outlooks of our clients.

Marketing Aims

  1. Increase gross revenues from $ 15million per twelvemonth to $ 20million per twelvemonth in the following three old ages
  2. Increase our trueness clients list from 10. 000 to 16. 000.
  3. Establish trade name acknowledgment in Brisbane so that at least 2 in 3 people recognise our trade name in a random study taken in 18 months clip.

 Fiscal Aims

  1. A double-digit growing rate for each future twelvemonth.
  2. Reduce the overhead per shop through disciplined direction of disbursals.
  3. Continue increase our gross net income borders.

Target Selling

The market can be segmented into three mark populations:

  • New homes – by and large want to buy full suites. Typically shopped as twosomes. Price sensitive to a point but co-ordination is the highest precedence.
  • Renovations – demand for high quality and different points. Unique and alien over rides monetary value concerns.
  • Replacement – basic functional merchandises that replace and interrupt or have on point.

Single shopper. Cheap monetary value required. The BBQfun clients are largely aged between 20 and 50. doing up 50 % of the new and renovated brooding market. Outdoor-lifestyle shops have been really successful in base entirely. extended auto park entree. shut to new lodging estates being established. These countries have households who have household disposable incomes of over $ 40. 000 per twelvemonth. Combining several cardinal demographic factors. BBQfun arrives at a profile of the primary client as follows:

  • Sophisticated people who are house proud.
  • Shoppers who will drive to an easy to entree shop.
  • A clients who requires payment programs to distribute their committedness over an drawn-out period.
  • Renovators and new place builders
  • 20-50 twelvemonth olds.


BBQfun will place itself as a wide mixture. quality. alone outdoor-lifestyle retail merchant. Brisbane consumers who appreciate high-quality and singularity will acknowledge the value and alone offerings of BBQfun. Patrons will be individual every bit good as households. ages 20-50. BBQfun’s placement will leverage their competitory border:

  • Product. The merchandise will be broad runing. quality and unique. It offers the house proud client a different option from the inexpensive mass produced offer prevalent in the market
  • Service. BBQfun offer the lone 3 old ages warrant in the market. Our easy play payment strategy is merely what our mortgage refunding clients welcome. Our experient staff can help with merchandise cognition 2nd to none in the industry. By offering a superior service in scope and singularity. BBQfun will stand out comparative to the competition and accomplish our aims.

Scheme Pyramids

The individual aim is to place BBQfun as the premier outdoor-lifestyles shop in the greater Brisbane country. commanding a bulk of the market portion within five old ages. The selling scheme will seek to first make client awareness sing their services offered. develop that client base. and work toward constructing client trueness and referrals. The message that BBQfun will seek to pass on is that BBQfun offers the widest. most alien. easy entree outdoor-lifestyle merchandises in Brisbane. This message will be communicated through a assortment of methods. The first will be direct mail. The direct mail run will be a manner to pass on straight with the consumer.

BBQfun will besides utilize ads and inserts in Brizzy magazine. The last method for pass oning BBQfun’s message is through a grassroots PR run. This run will ask for people from Brizzy for tiffin to acquire articles written about BBQfun into the intelligence. Because of this degree of effectivity and low/zero cost. BBQfun will work hard to acquire imperativeness in the Brizzy. BBQfun besides believe that the local frequenters far prefer to have information from the shop via circulars in the letterbox.

Marketing Mix

BBQfun’s selling mix is comprised of these following attacks to pricing. distribution. advertisement and publicity. and client service.

  •  Pricing. While BBQfun will monetary value at comparable monetary values for comparable quality. it will non be inexpensive. We push value over inexpensive and back this up with a 3 twelvemonth warrant.
  • Distribution. BBQfun merchandises will be distributed through a concatenation of retail shops which clients can entree easy via the big auto parking agreements.
  •  Ad and Promotion. The most successful advertisement will be ads and inserts in the Brizzy every bit good as a PR run of informational articles and reappraisals besides within the Brizzy. Promotions will take the signifier of in shop amusement and competitions with awards to alien abroad finishs.
  • Customer Service. BBQfun’s doctrine is that whatever needs to be done to do the client happy must happen. this investing will pay off with a ferociously loyal client base who is highly vocal to their friends with referrals.

Merchandise development

It is envisaged that new merchandises will be developed on a regular footing in line with alterations in client gustatory sensation which is targeted at every 12 months. The program for merchandise testing is to prosecute market research houses. By acquiring feedback from these houses. alterations can be made or merchandises ‘canned’ so that merely tested and proved merchandises make it onto the shop assortment list.

Marketing Research

During the initial stages of the selling program development. several focal point groups were held to derive insight into a assortment of frequenters of outdoor-lifestyle shops. These focal point groups provided utile penetration into the determinations. and determination devising procedures. of consumers. An extra beginning of market research that is dynamic is a feedback mechanism based on a suggestion card system in shop. The last beginning of market research is competitory analysis/appreciation. BBQfun direction will continually see local outdoor-lifestyle shops for two grounds.

The first is for competitory analysis. supplying BBQfun with timely information sing other store’s service offering. The 2nd ground is that local concern proprietors. are frequently portion of an informal fraternal organisation where they support each other’s concern. Financials. Budgets. and Forecasts This subdivision will offer a fiscal overview of BBQfun as it relates to the selling activities. BBQfun will turn to Break-even Analysis. gross revenues prognosiss. expense prognosiss. and how those link to the selling scheme.

Break-even Analysis

The Break-even Analysis indicates that $ 1. 1 million in gross revenues per twelvemonth will be needed to make the break-even point. Fixed costs are estimated at $ 150. 000. Variable costs are 40 % of gross revenues. therefore gross revenues of $ 1. 0 million will be sufficient to pay for the fixed and variable cost.

Gross saless Forecast

The first twelvemonth of the program will be used to acquire the coffeehouse up and running. By twelvemonth two things will acquire busier. Gross saless will bit by bit increase with profitableness being reached by the beginning of twelvemonth two. Gross net income is anticipated at 50 % . Ongoing gross revenues prediction will be to utilize the services of Cannon’s Consultants who will rede on all facets of the selling map that BBQfun will be engaged with. Cannons will besides be given entree to the selling cost informations so that they can sporadically analyze and formalize selling costs in line with industry benchmarks. They have ever been the preferable advisers because they are locally based unlike the national group of advisers.

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