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Different Theories of Needs Paper

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Paper type: Essay , Subject: Motivation

In today’s highly aggressive business environment, international air passenger transport Is known as one of the most competitive sectors which demands finest of service towards customers. In delivering a high quality service, it is required to have a well-equipped staff force with an unmatchable caring factor and experience. It’s evident to satisfy a big ask, comes a great deal of stress. In order to evade these subjects, Motivation plays a huge role. This case study elaborate the difficulties airline, its staff and the passengers’ faces. 1. Pieta Andorra, being employed in a traditional hierarchy organization, higher management expects him to be self-motivated and to pass this motivation down to his staff. As pieta receives negative or no comments from the management, he will be denominated and In turn his and his team’s performance will decline. As his contribution not being recognized, it will lead him to consider other opportunities. As the airline sector is aggressive, other airlines will make a lucrative offer which he will be forced to accept as motivation declines further in the long run.

Airline will have a boost In ticket sales due to their overbooking strategy In the short term. Other hand, the management will see an increase in customer complaints as quality of staff service has deteriorated. As more complaints arises and news of staff leaving the airline spreads, dissatisfied customers will shift to other airlines which will affect the three Kepi’s of this organization. Customers will experience a negative change In service which will lead to dissatisfaction. As the over booked situation becomes regular frequent flyers will look for alternative airlines.

In the long run, credibility of the airline will decrease as the loyalty of the customers. 2. Failure to recognize staff requirements and having no means of proper communication with Its employees, high staff turnover Is Inevitable. To train new recruits to be as professionals costs and takes time. This will not only cost the airline financially but also its reputation and loyalty of customers. Positive personality, attitude and motivation are the three key areas which defines stress of an individual. Communication can play a vital role In achieving the above and it’s cost effective and makes a big difference on employees.

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Without contact with the management staff test denominated. In other words, they feel unwanted. This directly influence on employee’s personality and brings negative attitude towards the airline. This can be easily avoided by having regular Interactions with your subordinates and providing encouragement. 3. 0 Content theory and Process theory are two divisions of motivation. Content motivational theory includes Masons theory, two factor theory and Miscellany’s theory of needs and Process motivational theory derives from expectancy theory, equity theory, Goal setting theory and reinforcement theory.

Masons theory divided he individual needs into five levels which are physiological, security, belongingness, esteem and self-actualization needs. Correct communication can achieve all the needs which Is lacking from the airline. Two factor theory, Intrinsic and extrinsic, Intrinsic which states that people tend to relate achievement, responsibility and recognition to job satisfaction and extrinsic which explains factors like remuneration, 1 OFF providing more responsibility accordingly will boost motivation of staff and in turn make the airline profitable.

McClellan theory of needs divided an individual’s need s for achievements, for power and for affiliation. People tend to perform more when the Job responsibility increase and motivation increases. As high staff turnover was common, to motivate its employees, limiting new recruits and increasing Job responsibility to a certain limit suffice. In process motivational theories, expectancy theory states that employees will be more motivated when they expect good Job appraisal like bonuses, increasing salaries and promotion.

Equity theory is concerned with productivity, turnover rates and absenteeism. Employees who perceive that their inputs and efforts, experiences towards the Job are not equivalent to the output like salaries , promotions and recognition they tend to be less motivated and in result they will produce less or the turnover rates increase. Goal-setting theory explains that defined, specific and hard goals lead to higher productivity levels.

Reinforcement theory considers the contrast of the goal setting theory as it concerns with the quality and the quantity of the Job itself and considers the behavior as environmental factor. For individuals as Pieta Andorra, who has the natural desire to service people and sonnet need external motivation, McClellan theory could be applicable for this category as their needs for achieving the best outcomes (more satisfied customers) will motivate them to do his Job; in addition expectancy theory will be suitable for Pieta does not need any responsibility.

For staff who are motivated with external rewards, expectancy theory will be more applicable as more appraisals they expects to get to do a certain task the more they will be more motivated to do his Job. Senior managers can adopt equity theory which is based on the organizational Justice, where employees will be motivated when they feel that the organization rewards to its employers equally according to their efforts and experiences. 4. The Airline has focused on high margins and customer satisfaction but they have not focused on Job satisfaction of employees which ultimately effects the above two factors. According to the best fit approach of HRS, the organization strategies and HRS strategies must be aligned. Therefore, HRS department of the given company should focus on staff motivation in order to retain the employees and achieve the company Laos. Airline has failed to provide this environment.

Lack of communication between the employees and management have created disputes in the company. Senior management should communicate with the staff to identify the operational problems in the organization. They should provide support and guidance or necessary trainings to handle the operational problems. Communication will be helpful to identify intrinsic employees and provide a better environment for them to perform and identify extrinsic employees and appraise them in a better way.

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