Inventions and improvements of existing transport and communication systems have resulted to various changes. The cultural and social structures of various communities have greatly been influenced by modern communication and transport technologies. Additionally, the cultural integration and social lifestyles of people will be altered. For instance, if people travel across the world for business and other economic purposes, there will be a social interaction among several people with different culture which results to intermarriages.

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This causes variation in both culture and lifestyle because of genetic differences between the people in the marriage.

Additionally, when people travel across the world, they will copy the cultures and lifestyle of other people such as language, religion and custom and try to incorporate it in their tradition and this will result to human variation (Rodrigue, 2010). Modern communication and transportation will result to differences in climate and environment. There is likelihood that the development of infrastructure across the world will result to transport related air-pollution.

The people will be exposed to certain toxins and this will call for both intelligent and adaptable behavior of human beings. The changes in the human behavior will result to human variations. Modern transportation and communication can continuously impact global climate change. Despite the fact that transportation and communication brings people and goods together leading to economic benefits, it has long-term and undesirable side effects. This is particularly in terms of air pollution in urban area and emissions of greenhouse gases.

Each year, the health consequences of urban air and sound pollution are very high and this results to premature deaths.

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Additionally, the negative effect of modern communication and transport is high on local populations especially the poor in developing world cities. The pollution and congestion in the urban areas hinders local, national and regional economic growth.

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