Communication Transportation System

Imagine if you lived centuries ago, and you had to work with a tribe called The Inca.The Inca did many thing to make them a unique tribe. The Inca were Native Americans in south America and they have sophisticated transportation systems and communicated with knots and strings and they had unique religions beliefs.

The inca Tribe Has exclusive transportation system.There was only one way for them to go around and that was walking.They didn’t find another way until the 16th century.

They started using horses/ponies in North America.The Inca made trails or roads.The reason for that is because they used chasqui (Runners) to send messages.One of the roads are Cuzco.All the roads led to Cuzco.A back story of this is that the meaning of its name is Navel of the world.So if you start North,West,South,or East you will always meet there.The Cuzco was a City.Also the roads of the Inca were 4,000 kilometers throughout the west coast of South America.

The Inca did not have many ways to travel and the City roads/trails ended up was Cuzco .To summarize this shows that the Inca had a strong transportation system.

The Inca had an exclusive communication system.They have knots and strings.The knots help them to communicate and pass information to others.’’A quipu or knot – record (Also called knipu) was a method used by the Incas and other ancient Andean cultures to keep records and communicate information.

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In the absence of alphabetic writing system this simple and highly portable device achieve a surprising degree of precision and flexibility “according to Ancient History Encyclopedia.They. Used strings and Knots to not let other tribes or more know what there saying.For example like a secret code but in knots or strings. This shows that the Incas communication system was strong and exclusive.

The Incas religions beliefs was the worship of the sun.On it says “Inca religion -an admixture of complex ceremonies, practices,animistic,belief varied forms of belief in objects having magical powers , and nature worship- culminated in the worship of the sun which was presided over by the priest of the last Native pre-Columbian conquerors of the Andean…They also had gather up and “party” like playing music.Overall the the Inca worships and has gather ups to celebrate their gods.Their gods name is Viracocha they believe that he created the earth stars and all living things also the moon and the sun.One other god was Inti.Inti was a important god he/she/it was the god of the sun.Overall this shows what gods they believed in and the important gods they believed in and when they gathered up


This shows that the Inca had a unique Transportation system,Communication system.And two of their most important gods.To summarize the Inca shows that the Inca worked hard to get stuff done.So what do you think of the Inca?

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