Mendelian Genetics Lab Report

It’s also the framework for the modern research that is making inroads in treating diseases previously believed to be incurable. In this era of genetic engineering the incorporation of foreign DNA into chromosomes of unrelated species?it easy to lose sight of the basics of the process that makes it all possible. These were his conclusions: The hereditary determinants are of a particulate nature. These determinants are called genes. Each parent has a gene pair in each cell for each trait studied.

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The Fl from a cross of two pure lines contains one allele or the dominant phenotype and one for the recessive phenotype. These two alleles comprise the gene pair. One member of the gene pair segregates into a gamete, thus each gamete only carries one member of the gene pair. Gametes unite at random and irrespective of the other gene pairs involved. (Carlson) The purpose of this lab is to teach students how traits of an organism can be predicted with a dibber cross using the recessive and dominant traits.

Using a dibber cross given the phenotype and genotype of Fl (parents), the traits f offspring should be predictable with ratios derived from the dibber cross. Materials and Methods: Part A- Materials furnished are containers of green and albino seedlings. Count the number of green and albino seedlings, and add total number of seedlings. Then Calculate the ratio of green to albino seedlings. (stalagmite) Part B- A corn of ear was furnished, the ear of corn contains four different traits.

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Each kernel can be one of two colors purple or yellow, each kernel can either be wrinkled or smooth (purple, yellow, wrinkled, smooth). Then determine the ratios in which each of the character traits is found and also what possible genotypes the parents might be. (stalagmite) Results: Part A- Observed Ratios of Green to Albino Seedlings # of green seedlings #balloon seedlings Ratio of green to albino seedlings 71 18 0. 8&3. 1, Total: 89 This graph shows that there is a ratio of green to albino seedlings. There were 71 green seedlings, and 18 albino seedlings, with a total of 89 seedlings.

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Mendelian Genetics Lab Report
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