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Would regard this process used towards the development of a brand “business to business” Advertising as it is based on the assumption that at least the initial sale is made by sort of face to face contact between the supplier and buyer. He further argues “that business advertising is a not free standing activity: it is a part of a “programme” of consistory o “sales literature” such as direct mail, and data based communication, exhibition, PR, sales-journal publication, sales presentation material.

The outcome of this result is a business unit structure, whereby, ” a team takes responsibility for explaining a particular market segment… ” This he suggests is a small form of advertising ” In these circumstances is naturally different from its role in selling low cost, low-tech, mass produced goods to individuals… to make their own buying decision. Impulse buying is far from unknown in the business purchasing… ” (Jeans, 1990:191,192)

The increase in technology has made the practice of advertising marketing strategies in which advertisers make their decisions today has made traditional marketing strategies in the from of print and television have changed with advanced technology like the world wide web in turn making it easier for ad agencies to make a more personal communication process of researching the lifestyles of potential target audiences for a client and perhaps leave the traditional from of advertising communication with consumers open to debate in according to his book ‘Advertising’ Roderick White states

” Ad agencies themselves started in the early 19th century as brokers, selling advertising space for newspapers and news-sheets.

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It was only later that they realized that they could make money, and give a better service, by providing the advertisers with copy to fill the space” (White, R: 2000:15), White goes to explain that emergence of the roles traditionally goes back to the 1960s, whereby ‘few pioneers’ formed specialist’s agencies to handle media buying.

Thus that they recognised that such approach ‘was different in character from other agency tasks’. Hence White also points out that they to debated ‘that by concentrating purely on buying they could offer better value to advertisers than the traditional agencies. ‘(White, R: 2000:16). Here White points out that they work (alongside) other traditional mass media such as radio, television and print mediums.

In order to ensure that there advertising campaigns reaches their target market; thus (to do this) ‘The media planner’ creates a “media plan” by undertaking research ‘to clearly find the clients target audiences age/sex, everyday media consumption, habits, competitive data. ‘ In addition the theorist Marshal McLuhan was one of the first theorist to suggest that sending out of media message to the ‘Global Village’ referring that the Internet allows positive communication.

Though scholars like Roland Bathes may argue that the use of technology may be of help to the advertisers and their clients business but we the consumers are being force-fed as he suggests, ‘The system breaks down when it opens itself to the world through paths of connotation ‘Barthes, R, 1983:290. Furthermore, other theorist and scholars argue to Barthes point that ‘the distinction between a product and a brand is important because it explains much of what marketing tries to do, and much of the use of advertisements. (White, 2000, 4. )

Dyer argues advertisers ‘might feel they are in touch with the consumers, but they tend to be selective about the ‘reality’ they portray and present the values and ideas most familiar to them’ (Dyer 2003. 13). Theorist like Nixon may perhaps agree of Dyers comments made above, for he refers to commercial culture as ‘culture of commerce’: the cultural meaning and values that cohere within and set the conditions for business forms, practices and relations integral to the practice of advertising depend for their performance upon sets of cultural meanings and values’.

(Nixon, 2003:35); The point he is making here he further goes to justify in his book ‘Advertising Cultures’ is that active role in helping to constitute and articulate the economic relationship between consumers and clients, as he believes ad agencies take a ‘active’ role in ‘constituting’ thus ‘articulating’ ‘the economic relationship between consumers and clients techniques like planning and market research.

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