The Child's Bath Painting

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This piece shows a child getting from his mother something no one else can offer. As a mother being able to give a life to a child and provide your child with the healthiest form of food. Susan Comforting the Baby This is the next piece chosen for the exhibit.

The painting was done is 1881. This painting in located in the Museum Of Fine Arts in Houston Texas. This is an oil painting on canvas. This painting can appeal to many mothers. As a mother many times your children are upset and need a parent’s reassurance.

In this painting the interpretation that the child was upset and the mother was there to In a sense make everything all better. A memory of being a child and having my mother and ornamented there to make all problems go away is the reason this painting was chosen for the exhibit. Many outside people think that babies are always happy and cuddly. No one knows better than a mother that there are instances that a child need a mother’s voice to make things okay. This painting being in the exalt will appeal too many even as being an adult look for the voice of my mother Is make situations okay.

Mother And Child Painting Mary Cassatt

Mother Combing Her Child’s Hair This painting was done in 1901.

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The painting in currently in the Brooklyn Museum, in the United States. The piece of art is Pastel and gouache on tan paper. This painting is showing another bond that mothers have with their daughters. There Is something so sweet Ana Innocent auto I Title girls too mother. Mothers oaten relive tangs Tanat happened with their mothers or give their daughters something to look forward to and remember for years to come. With so many things in daily life a short time doing your daughters hair can change a whole day.

As a mother getting to laugh and Joke just a few minutes while creating a “masterpiece” of hairstyles is so special this painting caught my attention for the exhibit because it is something that most others do with their daughters. Waking up every day and helping your daughter get ready is special to a mother. For a mother to know she has contributed to her daughter feeling good about herself creates a bond between mothers and daughters. When thinking of creating this exhibit I was left to think how my daughter enjoys getting her hair combed by me.

She gets so excited and wants to help and learn. While a mother does this simple daily task so much bonding can take place. It was important to be in the exhibit because a mother daughter bond can be created over something some may consider simple. The Child’s Bath This is the next painting chosen for the exhibit. It is currently located in the Art Institute of Chicago. This piece is an oil painting on canvas and was painted in 1893. The mother in this painting is securing her child and bathing her child. This painting shows a bath being given to a child which is a daily activity of mothers.

The colors in this piece draw attention to the child’s face. Most children enjoy being bathed and look forward to it. The communication between a mother and child during a bath is rewarding. Many children find taking a bath soothing and relaxing. Parents use this mime also to reflect on how much their child depends on them. This painting was important for the exhibit because taking a bath is such a soothing part of a child’s day. Mother’s Goodnight Kiss The next piece chosen to be in the exhibit is Mother’s Goodnight Kiss.

This painting was done is 1888. The medium of the painting is Oil Paint on Canvas. This piece would go in the exhibit because it is one of the most important activities of the day. After a long day getting ready for bed is very relaxing. This painting stood out because closing the day with a good night kiss is a refreshing way to go to bed. Having someone especially a mother to tuck you in bed with a caring kiss can make anything feel better. Again the bond of a parent child relationship is shown. This gesture to so many may seem simple.

A kiss goes a long way and it gives the child something to look forward too. The saying “sleep tight don’t let the bed bug bite” seems to go along with the good night kiss. This painting is important for the exhibit because as a mother a goodnight goes a long way even into adulthood. Baby in His Mother’s Arms, Sucking His Finger The painting Baby in His Mother’s Arm, Sucking His Finger is the next painting for the assume exhibit. The painting is now placed in Muss©e Du Louvre, Paris, France. The date this painting was done was in 1889. The medium of the painting is Oil Paint on Canvas.

The child in the painting looks so relaxed and like there is not a worry in the world. Being in his mother’s arms seems to be comforting. This painting was chosen for the exhibit because it gives the child a reassuring feeling. Women Mammalian a Women Admiring a Child is the next painting chosen for the exhibit. This painting was done in 1897. The current location of the painting is the Detroit Institute of Art. The medium of this painting is Pastel on paper. This painting stood out because on a daily basis women are admiring children.

Always on a stroll to the park or a trip to the grocery store children are being admired. This painting being in the exhibit will appeal to people especially woman because they can relate to complimenting and phasing children. Baby Reaching For An Apple Aka Child Picking Fruit This painting in a Private Collection. This painting was chosen for the exhibit because children are so curious about everything and it’s a mother’s Job to explain. Children how curiosity in different ways and it is more important than ever for a parent to explain things to a child.

In early childhood a child depends solely on what is being told to them. Young children believe the adults in their lives know a lot about everything. This painting makes a good selection to go last because it leaves a curious ending. It in a sense make people interested in what the artist has to say and potentially want to look more into the artist. The works of Mary Cast show many aspects of a mother relationship with her child. The bond that is formed between other and child one of it not the most important one a child could have.

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