Male Degeneracy And The Allure Of The Philippines

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Male Degeneracy and the Allure of the Philippines

Question One

In the course of the progressive era, America was struggling to achieve social control in the form of racial superiority in terms of men gaining control of their women and family life. As industrialization increased, women began competing with men in professional sectors. Women, feminists in particular were vouching for independence as well as equality with men. This problem was mainly facilitated the use of machinery as skilled labors was no longer considered important for most jobs.

With more women beginning to amass deskilled job opportunities, men felt they were losing control. It is the man’s responsibility to fend for the family and thus they felt less manly.

Moreover, Americans had enough on their plate because they wear already dealing with racial tussle with African Americans in the United States. The Americans were therefore left a choice of looking to the Philippines and see if they could assist in this matter.

To regain control of social matters, American men viewed that the annexation of the Philippines would succeed in restoring masculinity, and the building of a powerful and strong empire.

Question Two

As the American society reinforced these concerns when they debated the fate of the Philippines, America was going through a development in terms of social progress. Americans were struggling in their quest to establish social control. This social control was the development that American men saw necessary. They were aiming to establish control over their women as African Americans in America.

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Since America was going through an industrialization phase that oversaw the upsurge of woman influence in fundamental social matters. This progress was mainly facilitated women feminist influence in America.

In addition, America also underwent development in the machinery industry. This development coupled with the rise in women influence resulted to the women gaining significant positions in professional areas like librarians and nurses. This progress was partly facilitated by the use of machinery in most jobs, as skilled labors were no longer considered important for these positions. With women gradually rising in their social status, this saw the role of men in the society considerably lowered. Women were now earning salaries and therefore played a part in the breadwinning family role. The above are considered the developments that the American society that re-enforced Philippine annexation efforts.

Question Three

Annexationists’ concern over masculinity attributes was not the only dependent factor in the American decision to hold the Philippines. This concern also reinforced the influence of other factors as well. Indeed, the main decision of annexing the Philippines was intended to assist America in its quest to achieve social control in the form of racial superiority in terms of men gaining control of their women and family life. Other than this, this concern influenced other factors including pushing America towards gaining power. Cabot Lodge, Teddy Roosevelt intended for America to develop into an imperialistic power. These and other leaders felt that America had an obligation towards governing lesser-developed states, including the Philippines.

In this case, America required sufficient resources and human power to facilitate this strategy. The masculinity attributes of the Philippine natives was a good fit to this requirement. America needed such attributes as it looked to fend off land and resource competition from other imperialists including Germany and Japan. Furthermore, imperialism, military, and commercial were all in favor of annexation.

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Male Degeneracy And The Allure Of The Philippines
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