The Ransom Of Red Chief Analysis

The following sample essay on The Ransom Of Red Chief Analysis. What is the outcome of a scheme devised by two desperate men in need of money? The outcome can be just preposterous, as in the comical short story “The Ransom of Red Chief” by O. Henry. In this story, Sam and Bill are two-bit con men who need money to pull off a scheme. The con men are faced with unexpected obstacles that cause them to take extreme measures to obtain what they want.

The author uses literary devices such as figurative language, allusions, and irony to create a humorous and amusing tale. One literary technique the author uses throughout the story to illustrate comedy is figurative language. This paints vivid pictures for the reader on what is occurring in essential scenes. Bill said, “the boy put up a fight like a welter-weight cinnamon bear.”(pg.) This is a humorous simile that gives the reader a clear picture of a small boy putting much a struggle that he resembles a professional fighter.

This simile also refers to a red-colored bear of North America that is wild and ferocious. The combination illustrates quite a fight. Also, when Johnny asks to keep on playing a “look comes” into Bill’s eyes “like a rabbit’s when you catch it in a trap”  This illustrates how poor Bill feels about having to play with Johnny again. The continued belittling and badgering by the boy and the surrender that Bill feels are expounded upon when the boy speaks.

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The dialect and language used in the text provide humor and exaggeration to the actions and tone of the characters. Furthermore, another way the author establishes humor is through the utilization of allusions. The ideas and emotions created by allusions contribute to what the author is conveying. When Bill recuperates from Johnny’s assault with the slingshot, Bill states that his “favorite Biblical character” is “King Herod”.This allusion is a reference to King Herod, who once ordered the deaths of all boys under the age of two. This offers there…


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The Ransom Of Red Chief Analysis
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