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Don’t you just miss those times as a child when we use to ask for something and get it straight away? The world was controlled by our fingertips. Well, that’s what we believed in. But just that feeling of taking control was amazing. Right? Now it’s the complete opposite. We have to bend on our knees to get something- even that don’t work. Reality is unfair. Isn’t it? Although, when we got what we want, we would cherish it for the rest of our lives, like a child swimming in sweets and chocolates.

That is when we see life in a different prospectus

Essay Example on Life Sometimes Can Be Unfair

Our society is changing day by day, and making us forget the word ‘respect’ which nowadays no one is able to find in their dictionary. When I walk outside, the people who use to say hi are now acting as though they have no idea who I am.

Isn’t that unfair? Me being who I am, I say Hi and in return I get a spit in my face like a scum. Life is just not how we expect it to be. Our environment is slowly turning into a trash can because there is no ‘respect’. Don’t you think life is just unpredictable? Although, it doesn’t always end up like this. I wake up every day with a smile on my face, ready to meet the people who make my day.

Isn’t that just fantastic? Don’t you sometimes get the feeling that life is just perfect? Why wouldn’t it be? We make up our society, and bring the brightness upon the environment.

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I remember those moments of my childhood like a clear glass; running to the park just to meet my friends so we can go out to play. We was like a rugby team, we followed each other’s footstep from back to forth. Do you remember those moments? I bet you do because life was bright. It’s always a classic when your friends go against you for no particular reasons.

Oh wait, how could I forget? Gossip- it’s like the world is being covered by a cloth which no one is able to see the true side of life. It’s that unfair? Well, when you get embarrassed and humiliated in front of the whole school because of a misunderstanding. Is that unfair? Yes it is. The environment is being isolated with darkness and unfairness. On the other hand, maybe our society is being seen in a wrong prospectus. We make life fair. Don’t we? Have you ever been a victim of a crime? No? Have you ever got punished for a particular reason? No? Then why should we complain. Our life is made up of shiny silver which glows upon everyone.

There is always that feeling when you do something for someone, but think whether they will do the same for you. Believe me they do! Every help and support I gave to them, I received the same even more. How does that feel? Amazing! In my opinion I believe life is fair. We make our society and bring the goodness upon all. When you experience a moment, you will always cherish it in our heart and realise that whatever happens- life is fair. “What you give, you get”, it’s true! I had so many experiences in my life that, when something negative appears I just think of those moments which changes my opinion about the life we live in.

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Speech About Life Is Unfair
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