Life Is A Continuous Journey

Life is a uninterrupted journey. Some journeys are short and some long. Some journeys are sweet and pleasant while some are rancid. Some journeys are excessively memorable to be erased by the littorals of clip. I had one such experience. The memory of this journey continues to waver. on and on. in my head even after several old ages. We reached on 9th Dec. . as our train reserve was for the undermentioned twenty-four hours by North- East Express. We reached the station early in the forenoon.

the following twenty-four hours and boarded the train.

The train started away at 6. 00 a. m. I sat by the window and enjoyed the passing scenery. The sights of legion rivers. Bridgess. countryside. evergreen paddy Fieldss. alcoholic green tea gardens. huge fields. etc. enchanted me a batch. In the late afternoon we reached Rajshahi station. which is the gateway to khulna. Some of us got out of the train to hold a expression at the station.

The bunco and hustle of people traveling approximately. the coming and traveling of trains and the luring sights of the assorted stables of the station attracted our attending and we excessively moved about the platform basking these sights. We didn’t gain how rapidly the clip had passed.

Suddenly we saw our train traveling. We were at the far terminal of the platform and ran with all velocity and might to catch the train. I was the last to detect the motion of the train and so the last to run.

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I excessively ran after my friends to catch the train. But the train was traveling fast. Within minutes my friends managed to acquire in. As I was approximately to make the train. I slipped and fell on the platform. I saw my train rushing off before my sight. I shivered with fright. My friends were shouting at the top of their voice inquiring me to run quicker. Just so a cooly lifted me and ran with me to the door. where my friends pulled me in. I merely looked back and waved my custodies at the good Samaritan. who had helped me-1 got merely a glance of his face. But that face continues to stay afresh in my head.

The incident profoundly scared me and I dared non to travel an inch from my place thenceforth. It took some clip for me to retrieve from the daze. The fantastic sights of New Delhi and Agra failed to convey back my lost enthusiasm and involvement. I don’t even retrieve what I saw and how the remainder of the jaunt ended. The incident at the N. J. P Railway Station was excessively great to be forgotten by a few passing cloud nine. I can ne’er bury this memorable journey. The reminiscences of this journey frequently spark in my head every now and so. Whenever this happens. I say a short supplication for the sort and unknown Samaritan. who helped me on that fatal twenty-four hours to acquire into the train. It was. by far. the most unforgettable journey of my life- a journey that has left its deep cicatrixs on the canvas of my life.

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Life Is A Continuous Journey
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