Langston Hughes Poetry

The speaker in Harlem contemplates
The fate of aspirations that are unrealized

The speaker’s role in Harlem is to
Criticize appression

The phrases “Oh blues!” and “Sweet blues!” are examples of

Both lines of poetry appeal to the sense of ________

Which lines from the poem suggest that the speaker is impressed by the musician?
With his ebony hands on each ivory key
He made that poor piano moan with melody.

What is the effect of repeating the phrase “the piano moans” in the poem?
It sets a sad, mournful tone

What sense do both of these lines rely on?
The sense of hearing

What effect does Hughes achieve by repeating the phrase “does it” in “Harlem”?
Short words and hard consonants create a sense of angry uncertainty.

XXXXXX The repetition creates a sense of peace and serenity for the reader.

What is one difference between “Harlem” and “Weary Blues?”
XXXXXX “Harlem” conveys sorrow, while “The Weary Blues” shows happiness.

XXXXXX “Harlem shows joy, while “The Weary Blues” shows dissapointment.

The speaker’s tone in “Harlem” is best described as
XXXXXX The speaker’s tone in “Harlem” is best described as

Based on the descriptions, what rhyme scheme does the poem “Harlem” use?
Free verse

What is the effect of repeating the phrase “ain’t got nobody” in the poem
It emphasizes the theme of sorrow and neglect int he poem

In what way does the line “sags like a heavy load” in “Harlem” relate to the overall feeling of “The Weary Blues”?
The song lyrics in “The Weary Blues” reflect a “heavy load” for the singer.

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In what way are the lines of “The Weary Blues” similar to the lyrics of a blues song?
XXXXXX The poem uses a standard rhyme scheme.

The speaker’s tone in Harlem is best described as
XXXXXX accepting

What is one difference in the way sensory details are used in “Harlem” and “The Weary Blues”?
“Harlem” uses all five senses, while “The Weary Blues” relies mainly on the sense of sound.

In both poems, Hughes uses the imagery to
Establish tone

What sentence best conveys the speaker’s message?
There is honor in dying courageously

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