Characteristics of Langston Hughes Poetry (SL)

Common Subject of Harlem Renaissance Poetry
Sadness, isolation, loneliness, aspects of the African American experience, both historical & contemporary

Common Themes
Effects of oppression; Emotions of people who are oppressed; Racial identity; Pride; Resistance

Two Dominant Styles
Emulation of traditional poetic style (elevated and formal diction); Experimentation with new style, especially the African American vernacular

Two Dominant Forms
Use of traditional forms of romantic poetry, especially the sonnet; Experimentation with new forms and rhythms (jazz, bebop) and free verse

Influences of Harlem Renaissance Poetry
Covey the sad & painful; experiences and emotions; African oral tradition; gospel hymns; Blues, bebop, jazz; Slave songs; Traditional poetry

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Characteristics of Langston Hughes Poetry (SL)
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