Analysis of J Cole's Song “Love Yourz”

The artist Jermaine Cole, otherwise known as J. Cole, released his album called Forest Hills Drive in 2014. Among the songs on this album, there was one that stood out to me and touched me personally. “Love Yourz” which is a song that J. Cole used to show people that they should appreciate the life and experiences they have now instead of taking them for granted.

In the context of the album, this song follows Cole’s self-reflection because he is beginning to realize that the money and fame didn’t bring him the happiness he desired.

To gain the true happiness he was yearning for, he needed to appreciate himself more and those that love him. “Love Yourz” was certainly hailed as one of the standout songs off J. Cole’s late 2014 album Forest Hills Drive. This song is a sincere work about being true to yourself and not letting material things dictate the purpose of your life.

 J Cole’s Arguments and Ideas in the Song

J. Coles’ main argument in the song is to appreciate the ones you have because they’re not always guaranteed to be there tomorrow. The hook “No such thing as a life that’s better than yours” is the most significant line in the whole song. J. Cole is really saying that hating your life isn’t going to make it better. He is trying o amount of success, money, cars, women, or power will make you truly happy. Most people believe that success is all they need for happiness.

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But without the love and support of those who you care most about you will never be truly happy.

He then goes on to say “The good news is nigga you came a long way, the bad news is nigga you went the wrong way, Think being broke was better”. He is saying that through all of the success and all of the fame he hasn’t found happiness, and that in all actuality he was happier struggling. J. Cole really is speaking on how much better life was when he appreciated the little things. J. Cole is also telling his listeners to not worry about negative influences and or criticism. “Fak…

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Analysis of J Cole's Song “Love Yourz”
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