Runaway Love Meaning Song Analysis

Song Runaway Love Analysis of Sociological Concepts

The song our group chose to analyze and apply sociological concepts is Runaway Love by Ludacris featuring Mary J. Blige. This music video talks a lot about the struggles that some teenage girls face throughout life and their solution to solve it: running away. Throughout the video Ludacris, the storyteller, or rapper, talks about parents utilizing drugs, ignoring and neglecting their child, having to decide whether they can tell their parent they’re pregnant and children running away to avoid their problems and tormentors.

The song was released in 2006 and is a little old, but many of the issues addressed in the video still happen today.

In the first verse, Ludacris talks about Lisa. Lisa is a nine year old girl, who is growing up in an environment where she is being neglected and abused. I’ve chosen three concepts that I feel represent her story and describe what is going on. For my first concept, I was able to apply the concept of anomie.

I chose this concept because Lisa doesn’t feel comfortable in her current social environment. Lisa has never met her family and doesn’t know her father, and her mother is never around. When her mother is around it is always with a strange man she is bringing home late at night. These men always end up fighting and arguing with Lisa’s mother, making her feel even more lost (Ludacris, 0:49).

In the video, this can be portrayed when Lisa is on her bed laying down and staring at the ceiling with a blank expression or watching her mother being abused through the kitchen doorway.

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The next concept is sexual harassment. In the video we see that Lisa is raped by one of the men that her mother brings home. While her mother is asleep, the man sneaks into her room and rapes her. In the song it is told that she tries to resist, but is beat by her rapist (Ludacris, 0:54). This is the unwelcome sexual advancement. Domestic violence is also prevalent.

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