invention of the computer chip

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To start off a little history on the computer, the computer wasfirst invented in 1942.In 1946 ENIAC used thefirst general-purpose electronic digital computer.It weighed nearly 30 tons and filled a huge room.The computer cost $500,000.It could carry out operations but had no memory so it had to be re-programmed each time it was used.Instead of transistors that are used in computers now they had vacuum tubes that had to be replaced repeatedly.
The computer has in some way affected lives of everybody in some way.

Some people may say "what about the Amish" or "what about the tribes in Africa and the Amazon". Well satellites to decide what needs to be built or destroyed to mine minerals or many other things are tracking those people.For the Amish people they use roads that were built by using satellites to decide where the roads needed to be built.And for the rest of the people in the world they all some way or another use a computer.

Whether it is to get on the Internet, write a paper, play a game or even to just look at the screen there is a computer chip in it.When you watch TV, use a microwave, drive a car, and use a cash register or pretty much anything there is a computer some how involved.The computer has found its way into everyone's life whether they realize it or not.

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invention of the computer chip
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