Artifact Memo Reflection During the last three months of taking Fundamental Interpersonal Communication Course, I have gained a substantial amount of knowledge and the importance of being an effective communicator. With the knowledge that I have gained within this time frame, I feel that I am now looking forward to applying my skills and knowledge in a combined effort where I can continue to grow in my field of expertise. One of my primary take from this class is the importance of self-awareness and the impact that it has on our day -to-day life in which we so often deal with relationships.

Reflective Memo Example

The course has made me aware of my weakness, while also giving me the tools need to enhance my strength as a person, and more importantly as a effective communicator. The group project helped me to realize weakness that I was not aware. It has made me aware of my weakness every time I had to submit a paper, which was the most difficult task for me.

I began questioning myself because; I expected a high quality of work. However, being aware has leaded me to focus more on my writing skills which is also a very important part of being an effective communicator, especially in the business world.

While I have encountered a wide range of challenging subject in Fundamental Interpersonal Communication it has provided me with much insight in which I was unaware of. It has taught me how essential developing self-awareness really is.

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Without self-awareness is crucial part of our person growth and development. Most importantly I am leaving this class with the awareness and capability to identify issues and problems that could contribute to my overall relationship with family members, friends and my career. I would recommend this class to anyone that would like to enhance their communication skills for whatever reason.

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Reflective Memo Example
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