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The bulk of the issues as I understand them are finding a manner to properly address the practice your company has been performing In regards towards reaffirmation agreements to those whom have filed bankruptcy. Too lesser extent if these agreements are even ethical despite the signed having been awarded bankruptcy or not.

My intentions or expertise Is not to provide the proper solutions for your company to take, but to provide the most efficient manner which to communicate those directives established.

This memo is constructed in the form of addressing the primary stakeholders whom must be communicated towards and the est. strategies with which to do so. To help see how these strategies are effective I will provide a sample solution directive, then provide the details of communicating said solution.

Phoenix Team The suggested solution towards these management stakeholders is to Instruct them to align and embrace a new business strategy of abolishing reaffirmation agreements. They will need to further understand how these practices cannot continue from a legal or ethical prospective.

In accomplishing this, embrace and adherence from the management the management team is a necessity to funnel hose new directions. Prior to this meeting, establishing a communication plan is paramount. The first step should be to send out memo to the team instructing them towards the Intention of the meeting.

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Tensions will already be high and do not need further arousal from the unknown leading in. A man surprised is half beaten’. (Resource, 2013) In this memo do not attack for past actions, simply explain the serious current state of affairs and ask Tort everyone to erelong a enlightened level AT comprehension.

What Is A Strategy Memo

The next step in the plan should be in regards towards a direction set out for the eating. Having a clear path and staying the course will allow a better flow of communication. Use visual aids in conjunction to help more visual listeners understanding. Possibly start with a review of the memo and current problem at hand. Get the audience emotionally invested by the tale of Francis Alteration; the disabled security guard. (Resource, 2013) Once attention has been derived, move straight into the new directions. Finally ask, not tell” that everyone places this as the highest priority.

Upon completion send another memo out to reinforce the issues. It is important for you to also embrace a few concepts when communicating towards these people. First you have a very large audience of 200. In this audience you will have a various forms of personalities, therefore it is important to keep things simple and clear thereby allowing the greatest amount of satisfaction towards retention. This being a critical issue, you must keep your emotions in control. . Wherever the fault lies, it is not isolated. Be honest and explain that to everyone. Use phrases as US and WE; steer clear of You.

Think about a simple phrase… Be a Light not a Judge! Reaffirmation Agreement Signed The proposed solution of discontinuing these types of agreements seems inevitable. In determining the best communication strategy to these individuals the company should keep a couple things in mind. The basis should be a manner which to convey accountability without admitting liability. This will prove to be the most difficult communication technique. The communication will be performed by the company’s employees. We will outline strategies to generate greater communication abilities from these individuals through credit divisions.

This section is to provide a strategy or which the credit divisions can reflect upon. The initial communication channel to these individuals should be to send a letter of dismissal. The key tactic here is the language used to persuade the signed that the company is empathetic. The language used can be one of the greatest abilities of communication. Depending on the style of language used, the intention can be view from a positive or a negative light. Included in this letter should be a positive reflection of the companies change in policy. Details should include empathy towards the signet’s situation and the companies understanding.

Ask if they have filed bankruptcy; if so explain that a copy would allow discontinued efforts to collect. If they have not, explain understanding and ask that they do the best they can and wish them the best. Communications are received in a more favorable light from a friend then and enemy. Therefore become a friend. The next step should be to reach out through alternative forms of communications. Emailing a similar more condensed letter to those whom have not responded is one form. It is important however through these communications not to develop and

Invasive nature, odometer It teen can’t De overwhelmed Witt mass attempts call center should make direct contact through phones systems. Where the letter can be reviewed until it fulfills its intention, the phone calls will require more communications training by employees. Employees Previous sections have provided the solutions for the company to take to combat this issue. The greatest challenge to ensure the companies moves in the right direction will be in the company’s employees to properly communicate this direction. The solution would be to set up a new corporate division which singular goal is to provide roper communications training.

A couple examples of training that should be included by this division are: Attentive Listening This is training which involves teaching employees the importance of interactive listening. Through more attentive listening skills the employees should be able to better decide the right path to approach the signed. Some further advantages promote acceptance, prevent insecurities and increase the retention in the signed when the employee speaks. In simple terms it is not treating them as a deadbeat, but learning to communicate respect. Persuasion/ Motivation

The emphasis of this training should be designed to teach employees the skill which to motivate or persuade employees. Teaching an understanding of how to use Alders ERG needs theory provides the employees the ability better communication. Within these needs are examples of existence which include basic survival needs and safety needs. Next is Relatedness which encompasses emotional needs of others and finally growth which is personal development. (Resource, 2013) Obviously existence is vital; however for employees to become skilled at communicating the intended message, Relatedness will be vital.

Appealing to the signed needs in these regards allows for a great deal of opening up communications channels. In many regards this is the trust stage which can be had if appeals to this need are communicated properly. Stockholder Once the information about these agreements go public, it will be critical to settle the stockholders. The best strategy in communicating this should first to get out ahead of the issue with them. Again, do not allow surprise to cause further communication difficulties. Confidential The first thing to do is send out a registered letter to all stockholders.

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