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Full-sentence Outline l. Illegal immigrants are very hard workers. A. Immigrants are up for anything. They are breaking the patterns of segregation in American neighborhoods Hispanics live and work with African Americans B. There’s the myth that immigrants take Jobs from legal citizens. That’s not true: they take Jobs that few others would do for very low wages and some of them also become entrepreneurs. They also pay taxes: state, sales and social security. Some states couldn’t survive without those undocumented citizens.

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A. Mexicans and other immigrants are very educated Illegal immigrants have illiteracy rate ah times greater than U. S. Citizens. They know more than one language and can be very useful. B. Immigrants come from hard times They move to make a better life for themselves. Do whatever it take to get the Job done and be successful. Ill. Immigrants deserves rights to healthcare, employment, and voting A. After become legal immigrants should be able to do a lot of things such as: vote, drive, healthcare, and employment

Public services available to citizens, Including education, healthcare, and access to public facilities, should be available to all residents without regard to citizenship status, and that all should have a corresponding Responsibility to pay taxes.

B. Immigrants should be able to vote If a resident is In the U.

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S The growing ranks of “new citizens” are Increasingly important political players. The Issue of non-excellent voting will no doubt be a long and protracted debate with uneven results, so why not let Immigrants vote If they’ve been staying In the U. S.

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