Memoirs and History journals a re mostly used to analyze the torture methods of the French. Two Of the sources used in the essay, The Question a written memoir by Henry Allege, The Battle of the Casaba written by General Paul Secretaries will then be evaluated for their origins,purposes, values, and limitations. Word Count: 124 3 B. Summary of Evidence There were roughly 60,000 French troops in Algeria when the war began on t he night of November 1, 1954.

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Battle of Algiers, one of the bloodiest battles of the war began on September 30, 1956 and lasted until the 24th of September the following year, 1957.

There were roughly FL N casualties (dead or missing), and 300 dead, 900 wounded French casualty sees. ; On July 3,1962 France recognized Algeria as an independent country. At the end of the war there were roughly 25,000 French casualties (killed in AC Zion,accidents,or by disease, 3,600 European civilian deaths (killed or missing) , 155,000 Algeria n casualties (ALAN) , and roughly 50,000 Muslim casualties, 2.

The PLAN Windrow, M. (2013). Algerian War 1 95462. Osprey Publishing (part of Random House Publisher Services). The FLY (The army of National Liberation) called for general insurrection in N bomber, 1954. The FLY was a movement that was created from previous nationalist factions. ; The regional leader for Algeria was Rabat Bit. ; The FL N was divided into autonomous polychromatic commands, or Waylays . Each Wilily was made up of senior officers or commanders. 3.

French Army By 1 955, the French army had roughly 74,000 troops in Algeria and it grew to about 1 05,000 after reinforcements were called in July of that year.

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4 They were divided in 3 corps commands all over Algeria (The corps dreamer d Roan, dealer, and De Constantine. About 20,000 Muslims and 20,000 conscripts served in Algeria in Derailleur info try regiments and autonomous battalions. 4. French Torture and Terrorism ; Outdoor, T. , & Denned, A. (2007). Torture in the Algerian War. South Central Review, 24 1826.

Page 19 Colonel Roger Trinities admitted that the use of torture was necessary at Tim especially when many lives were at stake: “Imagine, he says, that you have just arrested a bomber who has planted five time bombs and you find out that they have be en set to go off in three hours. Basically, you have a choice: you can be polite and ask the bomb ere nicely to tell you where he put the bombs, but if you do that, you may wind up with forty d dead and two endured wounded people on your hands; or you can torture him to find out where the bombs are so that you can deactivate them. “If it’s up to me, I’m going to interrogate him until he tells me what I want to know. ” 1826. Page 20 According to the article “The main use of torture is to identify and eliminate the enemy ; it is far more commonly used for that purpose than to prevent an IM eminent attack (although admittedly, one can make a more compelling case, at least rhetoric ally, by citing the latter goal. ” The French did not torture the enemy for just answers but to try and eliminate e them while acquiring information. Cohen, W. (2001 The Sudden Memory of Torture: The Algerian War in French Discourse, 20002001.

French Politics, Culture& Society, 19 8294. They [Algerian] kill one French soldier , we kill 10 Algerian. 5 Cohen, W. (2001). The Sudden Memory of Torture: The Algerian War in French (3), 8294. The French had many ways of torturing Algerian prisoners , for example a French draftee describes how the y would use a method of electricity, The French would electrocute the prisoner’s testicles an d keep doing so until he gave enough information which than he would be shot. The torture techniques during the AR was seen as Magazine.

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