How to Get a Good Article Review?

Many students at College, University and other academic levels receiving an article review assignments during their education. Different teachers and professors are having their own requirements for such tasks, as well as almost all of them having their own guidelines for its writing. Here we will talk about what is an article review and about the most common elements of its writing.

Article review writing includes in depth evaluation and summary of an article written by another writer. Such academic tasks are being assigned to students in order to help them review and better understand articles written by professionals in vary academic fields.

Understanding of the details and justifications of the content is essential for the precise conclusion. Well written article review has an overview of the article’s primary concept, its logical evaluation and supporting arguments for the further research, which is important element of an assessment. Below are few guidelines for writing a strong review which will help you to write a good and high quality paper.

Read an article in depth

The first what you need to do is read an article in depth. Go through it several times and highlight the most important sentences, such as conclusions of paragraphs, headings, beginning sentences and statements, and of course conclusion. Then go back to the beginning of an article and look at the whole content once again, that will give you an overall assessment of the paper.

Writing summary outline of the main points and supporting research or arguments, may help you to filter unnecessary information from the important.

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While writing summary outline, you may not use your personal opinions and just restate the sentences from the initial paper. Remember, summary outline writing is done just to organize main points of the article and help you to filter and evaluate them. When you have successfully done writing it, evaluate it and remove needless items. Remove unnecessary words or lines to make the article useful and interesting for the reader. Sometimes article is informative, but writer is unable to convey his/her message in a proper manner.

Summarize your opinion

Now, it’s a time to create and summarize your viewpoint and opinion about the article. Evaluate each sentence to figure out whether the writer was precise and clear. If the writer seems to be not clear enough at some points, then suggest some ways to make the paper more readable, clear and precise so it will look way better than initial version. Evaluate and analyze writer’s mistakes. If you see that some information what writer had used is incorrect, tell about this. Support it by specific examples, evidences and references. For example, there might be a discrepancy in facts and figures. Write your observation and look at the facts of the study to confirm your position.

Keep in mind that your article review every time should start from the reference to the first paragraph, title and the writer’s name. One of the most important things in the article review writing is summary. When you summarize an article, you need to use your own words and opinion. Use your summary outline to discuss arguments and the main points. Tell about how well or not writer described and addressed the topic to the readers. Give your opinion about article clearness and structure. Remember that each your argument or opinion should be supported at least by the few sentences.

Writing a conclusion

Last what you need to do is write a conclusion of the main content evaluation. In a passage, evaluate the details of the content, as well as your thoughts about its importance, precision and quality. If appropriate, also opinion on effects for further research or discussion in the field so the writer can make improvements in his or her write up.

There is difference between scholarly and general writing, so the difference in the review writing too. The scholarly article review and review of the general write up are different, so the approach as well. There are several companies which offer high quality article review writing services. If you are interested in getting a good, professionally written article review, then you can hire one of the companies like We offer high quality article review writing service on a very low price. With our help you will get an expert views about requested article according to your deadline and instructions.

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How to Get a Good Article Review?
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