Changing Our Minds

In the article, Smarter than You Think: How Technology Is Changing Our Minds for the Better, by Clive Thompson, the author discusses the advantages of technology that has refined modern society. Innovated technology has progressed society, along with new discoveries and implementation comes greater chances to solve problems. Over time technology has come a long way and with each new stride comes greater chances to solve more problems and further the advancement of our true desires. I second the author when he explains that technology is improving our lifestyle for the better.

It’s easy to argue that technology is distracting us from physical relations and clouding our minds and cause us to become counterproductive. We use technology every day to enhance our memory and understand the world around us, and further expand our creative abilities and expand our communication globally.

Technology is like our own brain in that we use it to encode, store and retrieve information. Think of technology as a library, it stores memories just as a library would store books, filed away into categories that are available for use when needed.

Thompson himself writes, “Scholars quickly set about organizing the new mental environment by clipping their favorite passages from books and assembling them into huge tomes-florilegia, bouquets of text-so that readers could sample the best parts.” (353). We use technology today in the same ways to convert masses of information into new condensed forms. Technology is used to gather information and material and reduce a physical copy to an intangible copy.

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Computers and cell phones are used to access information or materials without the user having to travel from where they are to retrieve that data, just as I have used my laptop to type and turn in this very paper. Technology can be used in conjunction with our own minds to expand our knowledge. Personally, being able to look up information on a device the si…

How Technology Is Changing Our Minds For The Better

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Changing Our Minds
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