How Space Travels Inspires the Minds of the Youth

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Pushing humanity forward and progressing as a single, unified species is the most noble endeavor imaginable. The greatest way to strive onward is to venture into the cosmic ocean of space. Space, for me, is the most awe-inspiring and beautiful adventure mankind could possibly undertake. We will conquer the cosmos some day. We will live on forever. In this aspect, space exploration is the one of the most powerful and consolidating forces that will ever exist. For example, Aldrin, Collins, and Armstrong’s 1969 landing on the moon inspired dreams.

Dreams are the essence of progress! Dreams are what inspire leaders of tomorrow. Dreams are what cultivate the future. Words cannot do my passion for the exploration of our universe any justice. The raw, primal emotions associated with such possibilities never fail to intensely excite me. I envision for us, as a race, nothing short of greatness.

For my existence to be complete, I need to be a part of making this vision come to life.

I would never forgive myself if I didn’t. Harvard is the ideal place for me to pursue this dream. Harvard’s alumni are amongst the most influential in the world, and would allow me to make powerful connections . Making a vision like this happen will in no capacity be easy. Attending Harvard will make it possible though, and that’s more than most people can say about their dreams.

Space travel inspires the minds of the youth. One of my greatest goals to accomplish is to inspire dreamers-innovators of the future.

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I not only have the desire to someday outpace companies such as SpaceX and Orbital Sciences, but I strive to educate. As a child, I loved the explorers of old as they ventured into the Americas! I wanted to be an explorer myself for a time. My second grade teacher, Mrs. Peterson, told me this was silly since everything had already been explored. She was so ineffably wrong; the universe is humanity’s oyster. Getting kids—the generation of tomorrow-passionate about the real explorers of our time, or perhaps inspiring them to be the very explorers we some day read about in history textbooks down the road, this is what I hope to create.

While I may not become the newest Elon Musk, I will be a part of ensuring commercial space travel becomes commonplace. From Harvard’s world-renowned programs, I would acquire the skills and aptitude required to operate and bring my dream to fruition. Whether I’m on the face of The Wall Street Journal as America’s newest up-and-coming space enterprise CEO, or if I’m simply in the stages of acquiring investment capital, Harvard would be my source of strength. The skills I would obtain would also aid in establishing space-based educational workshops for children around the globe, planting the seed of a dream-a dream that we, as humans, should all nurture. My dream would not only inspire the world, it would reap untold rewards. Unparalleled economic prosperity from a powerful private space sector would bring about massive leaps in technology and engineering, and would thrust the globe into a new era of enlightenment that I could only hold akin to the Industrial Revolution. Space will revolutionize the very core of our existence some day, and I resolve to throw every bit of myself into this. Being part of Harvard would undoubtedly shape me into a much greater person than I could possibly fathom, making it the perfect place for me.

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