How Much Land Does A Man Need

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The chief character of “How Much Land Does A adult male Need? ” is a clear illustration of an insatiate desire for ownerships and wealth which at the terminal destroys the individual.

Pahom was populating a life “free from anxiety” as his married woman said and “without clip to allow any nonsensical settee in his head” harmonizing to Pahom’s words. As the narrative develops it reveals Pahom’s existent job was indoors him because he was ne’er content or please with the land and the ownerships he had.

At the beginning of the narrative. Pahom was a provincial without land of his ain. working daily to back up his household and believing “Our merely problem is that we haven’t land plenty. If I had plentifulness of land. I shouldn’t fear the Satan himself” ; when in world the greed within Pahom lied hibernating and he was non cognizant that his desire to obtain “plenty of land” will necessarily rouse the monster inside him that could ne’er be satisfied.

The first clip Pahom had a land of his ain was a farm of 40 estates. “So he became a landholder. ploughing and seeding his ain land. doing hay on his ain land. cutting his ain trees. and feeding the cowss of his ain grazing land. When he went out to plow the Fieldss. or to look at his turning maize. or at his grass hayfields. his bosom would make full with joy” . This farm seemed to him unlike any other land.

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carry throughing his dreams until he heard the narrative of a better topographic point where he will be able to hold more land of his ain. At this minute the greed in him began to blind Pahom to the simpleness of his life and to be thankful and fulfilled for what he had.

The 2nd farm he acquired had 125 estates and Pahom. “had three times every bit much as at his former place. and the land was good maize land. He was ten times better away than he had been. He had plentifulness of cultivable land and herbage. and could maintain as many caput of cowss as he liked. “

Obviously greed does non hold bounds and it is a portion of our human nature some posses a greater degree of greed than others but however greed holds no boundaries and the word plentifulness has no significance at all.

I wonder what Pahom’s married woman was believing now because in the conversation she has with her sisters. she was more concerned with the enticements of the environing towns but did non see the greed lying inside her hubby that one time. fed leads to destroy. Pahom had it all but Pahom was non happy. he was non content. he was non satisfied with the land he had.

His greed lead him in to a way of devastation that is best described by the dream he had the dark before his decease. “He thought he was lying in that same collapsible shelter. and heard person chortling outside. He wondered who it could be. and rose and went out. and he saw the the Bashkir Chief sitting in forepart of the collapsible shelter keeping his side and turn overing about with laughter. Traveling nearer to the Chief. Pahom asked: “What are you express joying at? ” But he saw that it was no longer the Chief. but the trader who had late stopped at his house and had told him about the land.

Merely as Pahom was traveling to inquire. “Have you been here long? ” he saw that it was non the trader. but the provincial who had come up from the Volga. long ago. to Pahom’s old place. Then he saw that it was non the provincial either. but the Devil himself with hoofs and horns. sitting at that place and chortling. and before him lay a adult male barefoot. prostrate on the land. with lone pants and a shirt on. And Pahom dreamed that he looked more attentively to see what kind of a adult male it was lying at that place. and he saw that the adult male was dead. and that it was himself! He awoke horror struck. “

Pahom ne’er had adequate land. he ever needed more to feed the insatiate greed that controlled his life. The following extract from the verse form Who Am I? written by Dietrich Bonheoffer describes better the status of Pahom’s battle: “Who Am I? This or the other?

Am I one individual today and tomorrow another? Americium I both at one time? A dissembler before others. And before myself a contemptibly woebegone doormat? Or is something within me still like a beaten ground forces? Fling in upset from triumph already achieved? Who am I? They mock me. these alone inquiries of mine Whoever I am. Thou knowest. O God. I am Thine. ”

Time after clip Pahom was non able to bask the fruit of his difficult work as a consequence of the greed devouring him. As the adage says: ” A greedy adult male hasten after wealth and does non cognize that poorness will come upon him” Proverbs 28:22

Pahom died seeking more and more land of his ain and at the terminal “his retainer picked up the spade and delve a grave long plenty for Pahom to lie in. and buried him in it. Six pess from his caput to his heels was all he needed” .

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