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Frankenstein essay: Sympathy (Discuss the early life experiences of both Frankenstein and the Creature. How far do these experiences evoke your sympathy/stroke understanding for what they do? ) In this Novel, sympathy, both for Frankenstein and his creation is a key issue in the story. In this essay, I will outline the differences between the early life experiences of Frankenstein and the Creature. The Early life experiences of Victor Frankenstein Victor Frankenstein was born into a very rich and loving family, where he was an only child for several years.

Frankenstein’s Parents were “Possessed by the very spirit of kindness and indulgence.

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” Victor Frankenstein also had a sister called Justine and soon after, Frankenstein’s parents adopted Elizabeth. Years after Elizabeth was adopted, William was born. “I was [my parents’] plaything and their idol, and something better – their child, the innocent and helpless creature bestowed on them by Heaven, whom to bring up good, and whose future lot it was in their hands to direct to happiness or misery, according as they fulfilled their duties towards me.

” Victor Frankenstein’s family possessed “A house in Geneva, and a Campagne on the Belrive. ” and was brought up among the Mountains.

“From Italy they visited Germany and France. I, their eldest child, was born in Naples and as an infant accompanied them in their rambles. ” This goes to show that instead of leaving the young Victor with a nanny, as was standard practice in these times, Victor’s Parents took Victor with the on their travels.

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Victor Frankenstein was extremely privileged as a child. Frankenstein had a great interest in the works of Paracelsus, Agrippa, and Magnus. ” I read and studied the wild fancies of these writers with delight; they appeared to me treasures known to few beside myself. ” His father branded these as “Sad Trash.

” Frankenstein’s thirst for Knowledge and his Parents’ encouraged led to him being educated at the Ingolstadt, where He was befriended by Professor Waldman, who, like Frankenstein, had an interest in Albertus Magnus, Cornelius Agrippa and Paracelsus. These were ancient ‘scientists’ who believed in magic, and didn’t use correct science. Professor Krempe called these works “Exploded Systems” and “Useless Names”. Neither Victor’s Father nor Professor Krempe explained why these ideas were useless, and so Frankenstein was even more inspired to learn about them. This could however, have been down to typical teenage rebellion.

“If, instead of this remark, my Father had taken the pains to explain to me that the principles of Agrippa had been entirely exploded, and that a modern system of science had been introduced, which possessed much greater powers than the ancient, because the powers of the latter were chimerical, while those of former were real and practical: under such circumstances, I should certainly have thrown Agrippa aside, and have contented my imagination, warmed as it was, by returning with greater ardour to my former studies. ” Victor had many Acquaintances, but few friends. It was his nature to “Avoid a crowd, and attach [Himself] fervently to a few.

” Frankenstein’s closest friend was Henry Clerval. Together they “influenced each other in positive ways. ” Frankenstein taught Clerval about science, whilst Clerval taught Frankenstein Chivalry, and about Romance. Victor had an intimate relationship with Elizabeth, once his “More than sister. ” Elizabeth helped to add balance to Victor Frankenstein’s life, and show him that life isn’t all about knowledge. “The saintly soul of Elizabeth shone like a shrine dedicated lamp. ” Later, Elizabeth is murdered by the Creature, as revenge for Victor Frankenstein smashing up the female partner that He was in the process of creating for the Creature.

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