Catherine Straus Period 6 September 23, 2011 Heart of Darkness Webquest Task 1 a) Scramble for Africa was a process of invasion, occupation, and colonization of African territory by European powers during the New Imperialism period. http://www. pvhs. chico. k12. ca. us/~bsilva/projects/scramble/ b) The purpose of the Berlin Conference was to lay rules to divide Africa without going to war for it. It divided Africa and African leaders weren’t allowed to make decision for Africa’s outcome. http://wysinger. homestead. com/berlinconference. htmlKing ) Britain d) The Fashoda Crisis was the result of territorial disputes over Africa that had been going on between Britain and France. http://www. pvhs. chico. k12. ca. us/~bsilva/projects/scramble/fashoda. htm Task 2 a) King Leopold ruled Congo from1865 to1909. http://answers. encyclopedia. com/question/did-leopold-ii-rule-belgium-124587. html b) Leopold established an international benevolent committee. It was originally a multi-person, scientific, and humanitarian assembly, and was a single-shareholder development company owned by Leopold.

From 1878 to 1884, these organizations tried to establish Belgian influence in the Congo and control the rubber and ivory trade.

c) Leopold’s efforts to establish Belgian influence in the Congo were rewarded. d) Leopold promised to suppress the East African slave trade, promote humanitarian policies, guarantee free trade, and encourage missions. However, Leopold prohibited trade in arms, authorized the terms for the employment of native workers, committing them agree for terms of seven years to their employers, and established the Force Publique. ) Rubber inflatable bicycle tubes were invented and the growing popularity of the automobile increased the need for rubber, irritating Leopold’s greed.

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f) Congolese were stripped of every right and Leopold II’s regime cause about 10 million deaths of the Africans in only 40 years. They we’re treated as slaves and their wives were raped and held hostage so their husbands would work and give the much profitable rubber in exchange for their wives’ freedom. Leopold thinks he was taking care of the Africans, when really what he did was rape the country.

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The rubber trade made Leopold one of the richest men in the world and made Belgium flourish, but the suffering of the Congolese was unseen. The EP forced the native Africans to work for seven years, while allows Leopold to torture them even more. Task 3 a) Republic of the Congo, Central African Republic, Sudan, Uganda, Angola, Zambia, Burundi, and Rwanda border Belgian Congo, or present-day Dominican Republic of the Congo. Central African Republic and Sudan are north of Congo. Uganda, Rwanda, and Burundi are east of Congo.

Zambia and Angola are south of Congo. And Republic of the Congo is west of Congo. http://www. sheppardsoftware. com/Africa/Africa_GL_1024_768. html b) Boma, Banana, Matadi, Leopoldville, Coquilhatville, Lisala, Stanleyville, Pontierville, Kindu, and Kasongo are the cities along the Congo River. Leopoldville is the Capital of Belgian Congo. African Origin: Boma, Banana, Matadi, Lisala, Kindu, and Kasingo European Origin: Leopoldville, Coquilhatville, Stanleyville, and Pontierville Marlow most likely come from Britain and arrived at Leopoldville. ) Africans were to be cared for and trained as if they were children, d) June 30, 1960 e) Present day: Dominican Republic of the Congo (Congo) Capital: Leopoldville Task 4 a) Conrad was inspired to write Heart of Darkness by his journey down the Congo River. b) He saw how the British we mistreating the Africans. c) Imagery and symbolism describing the ambiguity between good and evil along with imperialism. d) He died from heart attack.

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