Love for dogs, both good and bad

Provide two or three reasons to support your argument. My position on this issue Is both ways good and bad, I like dogs as much as some people who Likes them as well. I believe some dogs are friendly and helpful to so many Individual and family. I don’t agree with the term to have your dog come to work with you every day, I’m k with the once a year like “Take Your Dog to Work Day” it’s not much of an effect.

However, they are two reasons to point out that, one is Ewing aware of those who may be allergic and those who may be frighten by them. These two reasons are key factor especially in the workplace where people are mostly trying to concentrate within their workplace. Someone who is allergic to a dog may lose focus in their work; however, someone who is frightened will be stressed out and feared to finish up the work.

2. If you were an HER manager of a company, what pet policy would you set and how would you Implement it? If I was an HER manager of a company, I don’t know If I would be able to set up any type of policy.

As manager I fervently ought to have each employee and staff perform some type of survey to determine a certain decision that may perhaps be best for everyone within the company as whole. The safety and health of the employee and staff member are my main concern in this matter.

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However, after a briefly making a decision based upon the survey if certain number of employees out number a small of amount of other employees then something may have to be compromise or accommodate. How would you decide the case of Elizabeth Booth, and which law would you base your decision on?

Explain. In Booth case since she has a Doctor note that is understandable due to her medical condition. Someone who is diagnosis with quadriplegic may not be able to reach out for small objects that has falling on the floor. Booth requested for her small dog that Is well trained to help her out In situation Like this. The law that applies to Booth condition Is Americas with Disassembles a law that was passed by the congress In the early ass. Moreover, If the company had a policy that didn’t allow dog within the workplace a Reasonable accommodation can take place.

Reasonable accommodation “includes making acclivities accessible and usable to disable persons, restructuring jobs, permitting part-time or modified work schedules, reassigning to a vacant position, changing equipment, and/or expense” (Snell & Blander, 2013, p. 107). For example, since she unable to reach out for small objects that has fallen unto the floor we could provide her with a pick up stick grabber to make things easier on her behalf. Snell, S. , & Blander, G. (2013). Managing Human Resources: Equal Employment Opportunity and Human Resources Management (up. 106-107). Mason, OH: South- Western.

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