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Global Essay

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With a population of over 55 million, global warming affects many of the French people.France is in the middle of Globalization, from an economy that featured widespread government ownership to one that relies more on a market system. The earth's climate is predicted to change because human activities are altering the chemical composition of the atmosphere through the buildup of greenhouse gases.The greenhouse effect and global warming are issues that are talked about by geologists all the time.The greenhouse effect is a natural process that keeps the earth at temperatures that are livable.
The way in which global warming works is that energy from the sun warms the earth when its heat rays are absorbed by greenhouse gasses and become trapped in the atmosphere.Some of the most common greenhouse gasses are water vapor, carbon dioxide, and methane.If there were no greenhouse gasses, very few rays would be absorbed and the earth would be extremely cold.When too many rays are absorbed, the earth's atmosphere warms, leading to global warming.Global warming can lead to many problems that affect the environment in which we live, as well as politically and socially. In order to talk about global warming, we mustfirst learn what causes the greenhouse effect.A lot of the rays from the sun are absorbed by water vapor that is naturally in our atmosphere.Carbon dioxide is also a big absorber of the sun's heat rays.Humans can cause a lot of carbon dioxide to be released.Every time we burn fossil fuels, we release more carbon dioxide.Emissions from cars also increase the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.The more carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, the more rays from the sun are absorbed.This will cause the atmosphere and the earth's temperature to warm.The warming of the earth will cause the oceans to become warmer.When they heat up, more water is evaporated, causing more carbon dioxide…

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