Juno is about a story that a teenage girl finds herself pregnant and she decides to give birth to her baby. The clip which I will analyse is one of the opening sequence in Juno. This essay will analyze how the director will use basic elements of cinematography such as the manipulation of the camera lens, framing and lighting, to convey the main character’s feeling and construct our understanding of meaning in this clip. The clip begins with Juno shifting in swiftly into the shop and picking up the pregnancy test.

The using of the camera lens of her action is demonstrative of shallow focus. Basically, shallow focus presents only one plane of the frame remaining sharp and clear and the entire image staying in a narrow depth. Shallow focus applied here in the images of picking up the pregnancy test highlights the pregnancy kit and demonstrates that Juno doesn’t believe the result of previous pregnancy test and decides to do it again.


Furthermore, shallow focus is typically a feature of the close-up which make a main subject to be viewed a quite large in the entire screen. The close-up is a simply way to emphasize the main point of view in narrative. When the shop owner is talking with Juno, the parallel level of camera position between the shop owner and Juno shows that Juno is shorter than the shop owner by using the shot of close-up. It makes the audience feel that Juno is emphasized as a sixteen immature girl compared with the adult shop owner, and she is too young to be pregnant.

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The low position of camera used in the scene of Juno taking off her trousers in toilet effectively shows that she is going to do pregnancy test. The close up shot shows Juno’s legs in front of the close-tool, making the audience feel the narrow space of toilet and conveying Juno’s nervous feeling.

Summary Of The Movie Juno

 The low key lighting of Juno’s body in toilet is used to create the dark environment and shadow on her face. It gives the audience the impression that…

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