Exploratory Writing

Writing for some can be as easy as riding a bike, and for others, writing can cause great stress and anxiety. For me, it is challenging to address the anxieties I experience when tasked with writing. One aspect of writing that is challenging is the getting started. There’s an old saying, “the first steps is usually the hardest.”In my writing, I am discovering that becoming clear and focused on the task at hand is challenging. Formatting my ideas and structuring them on paper is quite unpleasant.

My writing anxieties make my heart rush, my palms sweaty, and my head feels like it’s about to explode with all the thoughts going through my mind. I am discovering that with patience and practice, one does not have to feel this way when it comes to writing. It’s challenging for me to focus on who my audience is, and writing for them. Not understanding this important aspect of writing as caused me anxiety because as a result my messages have been misconstrued by others, and as a result, my writing suffers, and I find it a challenge is be clear in my intent.

Throughout this course, I have learned various exploratory writing techniques that have been helpful tools that I use in order to become a more organized, clear, and less stressed out writer. One technique that I use is a double-entry journal. I use this technique to help format my ideas in a more clear, and concise way, this way I am able to provide evidence to support my belief.

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I did this by writing in one column the anxiety I was feeling about this assignment. Iasked why I felt that way? What has happened that makes me feel this way? As I discover my writing sound, I take more time and am more slow in my thoughts, and less judgemental, I allow my thoughts to come out more naturally. I take notes on my ideas as I pursue a deeper understanding of a topic, this helps me to have a clear direction to build on. I notice that the high level of anxiety I would suffer is not as cha…

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Exploratory Writing
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