The following sample essay on “Bootstraps Villanueva”:  the main points of Gee’s piece Literacy, Discourse, and Linguistics, Villanueva’s piece Excerpts from Bootstraps: From an Academic of Color, and Priors piece Tracing Process: How Tests Come into Being are discourse.

In the first reading Gee describes the main discourses, which are primary discourse, and secondary discourse. Primary discourse was explained more as the influence of your language and writing from your house hold, and family. Then secondary discourse would be the influence from your teachers and school.

In Villanueva’s piece he talks about his journey through college, and how it was more challenging for him because his primary discourse was not the same as everyone else’s. As for Prior he explains the process of writing, and all the drafts you must have, along with switching your discourse depending on who you’re writing for.

At the beginning of Gee’s piece he talks about the two ladies that are doing interviews for jobs that they want.

He states, “ This woman hasn’t got a real problem with her grammar, nor is there any real problem with the use to which she puts that grammar, but she is expressing the wrong values”(Gee pg. 2). He was discussing that what they were saying in their interviews, was probably not the best things to be saying. This is relating to Prior’s piece because he talks about how you change discourses depending on your audience. If you are having an interview you want to be very professional, and make your self sound proper, but you also need to make yourself sound qualified for the job.

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It’s also states discourse isn’t all about grammar, and speaking proper like school always taught us is not always appropriate or necessary. The most important part of communication is the content. In the interviews the girls were asked if they have ever shown initiative in a previous job. One of the girls responds with, “I was left alone to handle the office, I didn’t really have a lot.

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