The operations of Cordial Design Ltd

The following sample essay on The operations of Cordial Design Ltd The report started with the introductory remarks, and then subsequently summarizes the operations of Cordial Design Ltd, theoretical aspects, analysis ND findings of industrial relation, major findings and the closing part consists of conclusion and recommendations. The introduction of this report is emphasized the background, objective, purpose, scope, data analysis and reporting, methodology and the limitations of the report. Data have been collected through structured interview, conversation and from company profiles.

The second part of the report summarizes the operations of Cordial Design Ltd includes many significant components.

This chapter covers the historical overview, mission/vision, objectives, services, major product, marketing network, price of the product, and SOOT analysis of Cordial Design Ltd.

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The theoretical aspect of this report is mentioned regarding definition of industrial relation, related terms of industrial relation, objectives and actors in industrial relation, importance and theories of industrial relation. Next part focused on the analysis and findings of overall industrial relation scenario in of Cordial Design Ltd, depiction of organism, manpower, and activities of HER department of Cordial Design Ltd.

In this part we have done a survey with some define questionnaire and based on that findings we illustrate overall industrial relation, main constraints behind sound industrial relation, procedure of recruiting and selecting of new employees, techniques to use assess training needs, approaches to apply setting disputes, employee performance, procedure of employee termination, solving techniques of internal conflict, available compensation package, preferred compensation package, types & availability of on-the-job and off he-job training, expected outcomes from training, further assessment of promotion criteria & career proceed in Cordial Design Ltd. Next part covers the major finding of the overall industrial relation in Cordial Design Ltd.

We found complex functional structure and unrealistic goal setting is the main constraints behind sound industrial relation in Cordial Design Ltd. Not only that there are some internal, external as well as legal factors involved at the time of recruitment in Cordial Design Ltd. Also this part covers the employee termination approach in Cordial Design Ltd. Then the conclusion of this report encompasses the overall industrial relation along with all the negative and positive edges in Cordial Design Ltd. This organization not only contributes in national economy but also helps the poor and associated communities with regular supplementary income.

Thus industrial relation of that organization should be in a standard so that it not only satisfied its staffs but also gives the best comfort to its internal staffs as ell by ensuring best practicing industrial relation standards. The recommendation part measures to improve the present industrial relation in Cordial Design Ltd. We recommend redesigning the attractiveness of the job and trying to shrinkage government influence. Also practiced some structured training for their employees including both on-the-job and off-the- job training. Payment structure is another recommended area where Cordial Design Ltd. Can focus if they want to establish a good industrial relation.

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The operations of Cordial Design Ltd
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