Eveline Characters

James Joyce’s short stories “Eveline” and “The Dead” basically share a lot of similarities in multiple aspects. Although they are thematically different, the main characters in both stories share nearly similar experiences that basically changed their views, beliefs, and decisions in life. The first notable similarity is between Gabriel Conroy, the main character of “The Dead” and Eveline, the principal character in “Eveline. ” In “The Dead,” Gabriel Conroy views himself as a person who is in control of his life and, most especially his wife, Gretta.

However, when Gretta suddenly cries because she remembered her past lover through a song being played in piano, Gabriel realizes that he has not in control of her since she evidently still has some past attachments that haven’t been settled. This incident basically changed Gabriel’s perception of his life and general as he laid down on his bed. Similarly, Eveline was already convinced that she wanted to escape the cruelty of his father by going away with her lover Frank but when she hears the organs that was played during her mother’s death, she suddenly had a change of heart and remained in her home town.

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In addition, Eveline’s experience is also similar with Gretta as they both heard music that reminded them of their pasts. In short, the similarity between “Eveline” and “The Dead” is that both stories contained characters who suddenly stopped pursuing their desires and dreams due to a single yet significant experience. Moreover, both stories involves acknowledging and reconciling with the past and using past experiences to make decisions for the future.

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Eveline Characters
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