Betrayed Pc Cast Theme For Friendship

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Betrayed P. C. Cast and Kristin Cast Selection of Genres The main theme in Betrayed is true friendship. Zoey Redbird has a group of friends who she trusts completely! She had the affinity for all five elements, but soon she finds out that each of her four friends has an affinity for one of the elements. This brings them even closer together. They watch each other’s backs. They also tell each other everything that happens to them or is bothering them.

Then Stevie Ray, Zoey’s roommate and best friend, dies because her body rejected the change of becoming a vampire.

This is a very hard time for the friends, but they fight through it and make sure to remember her in everything that they do. I liked this book even more than the first one in the series! It was a thriller that kept me reading and reading. True friends are hard to come by, and when you lose someone so close to you, it is a very hard time.

They way the friends could tell how each other were feeling makes you know they were real friends. It is a good thing to live your life in honor of who has died.

Don’t grieve for them, but live how they would have wanted you to live. My friends remind me of the characters in the book because they always stick up for me and have my back. I know I can always trust them and go to them when I have troubles.

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I haven’t lost one of my immediate friends, but I have lost a few friends. It is very hard and it took me a while to get over. I still remember them, but I try not to let it make me sad. I try to think of the good times I had with them, and smile, because that is what they would have wanted.

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Betrayed Pc Cast Theme For Friendship
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